Hall Of Fame Poll Up Later

As you all have seen I have posted the Moderator selected Hall Of Fame Entries, Later today I will assemble the poll to determine an additional 4 entries into the Hall Of Fame based on Community Nominations made in an earlier post.

Merry Christmas

Wishing every member of the Heromachine community a very Happy Christmas.

images by Geno (top) & Cliff (bottom, I'm pretty sure Cliff said they're meant to be stockings hanging on the tree, not boots, just incase anyone asks).

Anime Talk: 12 Days Of Anime – Day 12

On The 12th Day Of Anime Japan Gave to me:

Bleach Opening 10 - Shojo S

This one is all about the music, because it is my all time favorite band SCANDAL and their song Shojo S. I originally started watching bleach bout 3 years ago but lost interest about 1 1/2 season into it. Recently however I have gone back and started over and found a new love of the series and the fact that my above stated Favorite Band SCANDAL perform the opening for season 10 and 15 doesn't hurt, and Shojo S is in the top 5 of my favorite scandal songs!

and as a Bonus I will include SCANDAL's Music Video for this song!

and this concludes the 12 days of Anime, and seeing as it is now Christmas day I want to take this time to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!


Hall Of Fame – Worldbreaker by DiCicatriz

Nominated By Kaldath


Hall Of Fame – Ams vs Nugs by Ams and Nugarius

Nominated by Linea24


Hall Of Fame – Super Mom Takes Flight – By Nugarius

Nominated by JR19759


Hall Of Fame – Hurricane by Cliff

Nominated By Jeff Hebert



Hall Of Fame – It Comes From Fire By AMS

Nominated By Jeff Hebert


Hall Of Fame – Blue Belle by Tracy111

Nominated By Jeff Hebert


Thundersong- The Moon Represents My Heart

117 Thundersong- The Moon Represents my Heart