HeroMachine Premium Access

January 23: I made a major change in how Premium Memberships are handled today. If you've been a Premium Member and now can't log in, please contact me directly and let me know; I'll take care of it asap.

If you've ever wished you could make the HeroMachine app bigger, or you're tired of ads getting in your way, we are excited to share with you the chance to get all of that for less than one dollar a month!

You can choose either the current layout or the expanded, larger layout built for taking maximum advantage of the no-ad options. Check out HeroMachine 2 premium:

HeroMachine 2 Premium

HeroMachine 2 Premium

And HeroMachine 3 Premium:

HeroMachine 3 Premium

HeroMachine 3 Premium

Click the button below and you'll be ready to create full-screened characters with no pesky ads getting in the way in mere moments!


You can log directly in to your PayPal account to cancel your subscription, or you can click the button below.


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