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    The year is 2051, a large megacorporation called Laboratory Technologies (LabTech) has virtually taken over the West, they control the stock markets, military and even instated a puppet President in their quest for total global control. However, their breakthrough in genetic and cybernetic technologies has cured the world of many illnesses and cybernetics have become common and is seen as a fashion accessory for many people around the world. Their current goal however is to create a supersoldier, and with advances in drugs and serums, stimulants have been rife on the black market. Some say it was a ploy by LabTech and they allow for the cyberpunks and lowlife addicts to accidentally find a combination of high-end narcotics to create the perfect balance of strength, speed, endurance and healing factor; eliminating such research on their own. They employ bounty hunters to go after people who may be worthy for further tests. This is those characters from my world :) 



    Name: Ezekiel ‘Zero’ Stein

    Age: 23

    Height: 5’10”

    Weight: 75kg

    Weapons: Custom built Titanium armour with incorporated jetpack, breathing equipment and 2 arm-mounted weapon modules. Each module includes:

    1 laser, 2x light cutting lasers, 2x power-assisted retractable claws, and 2x 4.62mm machine guns.

    He also has increased strength, speed, toughness and endurance induced by narcotics.

    Biography: Zero never knew his parents; He grew up on the streets living from home to home. From his early years he was involved in the street punk scene and regularly took highly illegal and highly dangerous substances. After years he found they altered his chemical makeup and he became physically stronger, faster, more aware and tougher, as a side effect it bleached his hair blonde and his eyes a glowing green.

    He became involved in bounty hunting to make profit after he kicked his drug habit, however (quite ironically) he fiercly opposed LabTech and their cybernetics technology; he had a special suit of armour secretly crafted from pure diamond-hardened Titanium, it was extremely durable and could withstand massive damage.  He became embroiled in a rivalry with Max ‘Damage’ Wilson and the 2 hated each other, ultimately he was killed but Zero was captured by LabTech…



    Name: Max `Damage’ Wilson

    Age: 42

    Height: 5’12”

    Weight: 86kg

    Weapons: Sniper Rifle (silenced), Grenade Launcher, 9mm Pistol (silenced), knives and blades. Cybernetic augmented strength and advanced targeting modes including infra red.


    Boigraphy: An oldschool bounty hunter, Max Damage is legendary amongst his piers. He has spent the best part of 20 years in the business, once taking out a whole drug-smuggling Triad cell on his own. A staunch anti-drug believer, he sees the punk scene as low life scum and cannot stand people like Zero who he belives taint the profession. Ironically, Zero is his greatest rival and is equally as good as himself at getting the job done, one climatic fight between them rendered him caught in an explosion that blew the right side of his body clean off. LabTech rescued him and outfitted cutting edge cybernetics and sent him on a personal mission to bring Zero to LabTech alive, unbeknownst to him however they installed a mind controlling chip. He fights for cold blood and vengeance, and wants to see Zero's head, but his conflicting mission leaves him to an unknown fate…



    Nice work.



    Max Damage's bio updated



     http://i44.tinypic.com/34dse9l.pngLaboratory Technologies MK 4 Tactical Battle Armour. The main heavy armour used by their troops, this high tech suit has had its fair share of teething problems but comes equipped with an advance heads up display monitoring health, ammo, suit performance and a radar, it also has 2 built in arm mounted small lasers, and the armour itself is almost like an exo skeleton, boosting  the wearers strength and speed capabilites by a factor of nearly 2. The advance Ceremite plating can deflect bullets and laser blasts with ease but a contentrated blast will melt the armour eventually.

    The MK3 laser rifle is the standard issue riffle of the Army, and can fire concentrated or pulse laser blasts at multiple frequences, its PowerCell ammuntion holds around 200 shots depending on power. The laser is linked wirelessly to the suit so it cannot be fired without it, however this feature is often disabled by the soldiers for ease.



    Name: Anthony Melter

    Age: 47

    Height: 5’10”

    Weight: 89kg

    Weapons: Mk3 laser rifle and custom built arm mounted cannon firing anti-personel rounds

    Battle Attire: MK IV Marine Armour

    Rank: Colonel


    Biography: A ruthless and efficient soldier, and a cold blooded killer, Colonel Anthony Melter is part of the “old guard” that served while LabTech mercilessly took over the country, it didnt bother him though, as long as there was war, there was Melter. He suffered a terrible wound whilst fighting in Iran, a grenade exploded in his face and he lost an arm. True to Labtechs pioneering work, he was rebuilt stronger than ever and was outfitted with a detatchable arm cannon that he usually wields in battle.

    His team was put on assignment to capture Zero and after several losses, they did. He went against company orders of delivering the young bounty hunter straight to headquarters and personally tortured him, however Zero somehow escaped and fled the military base he was kept at; not all was lost though for Melter, blood samples where taken ready to be studied by labTech for their Supersoldier program.


    http://i42.tinypic.com/35d2hia.pngName: Jonathan Blane

    Age: 31

    Height: 6’3”

    Weight: 106kg

    Weapons: Mk3 laser rifle with undermounted grenade launcher.

    Battle Attire: MK IV Marine Armour

    Rank: Sergeant


    Biography: An exemplary soldier, Blane reached Sergeant relatively quickly; he served under Colonel Melter as a trustworthy and reliable marine. He is proficient with heavy weapons and uses a grenade launching variant of the standard rifle for extra firepower. He was assigned along with Melter to capture Ezekiel and bring him to headquarters, which they succeeded in doing. After sampling his blood for a new supersolider project, Ezekiel escaped, only to return a year later, in which time a serum was being developed on human lab rats by LabTech. While most patients either died violently (rejecting the serum) or simply had no effect, Blane was (un)fortunately duped into being a test subject, he took on the serums enhanced strength effect but it made him wildly uncontrollable and immune to pain; almost the perfect Labtech soldier. They outfitted him with heavy battle armour and twin Powerfists, he was to volatile to carry any form of firearm. It wasn’t until further experiments they perfected the serum.



    http://i44.tinypic.com/35mns4g.pngLaboratory Technologies Tactical Light Assault Scout Armour. More reliable and less technologically equipped, the Scout Armour was developed for the UN as a global light armour project. Its helmet still retains its HUD but the rest of the armour is unpowered but still offers decent protection from laser and bullet attacks. Scout armour is well suited for urban deployment and close quarter fighting.


    http://i40.tinypic.com/213geop.pnghttp://i42.tinypic.com/2z4z91i.pngName: Fara Williams

    Age: 25

    Height: 5’9”

    Weight: 57kg

    Weapons: Standard Issue MK3 Laser Rifle, combat knife.

                     Or in Civilian clothes a Desert Eagle and combat knife.

    BattleAttire: Standard Light Infantry Armour

    Civilian Attire: Yellow croptop, blue jeans and brown boots.


    Biography: A former US marine. At a time of heavy propaganda trying to recruit new soldiers (the early 21st century War on Terror raged on for so long it heavily depleted forces), at the tender age of 16 Fara decided there was no other choice than to join after waking up one morning to find her parents killed. She worked for the Light Assault Infantry Division and made it up to the rank of Lieutenant. Once Zero arrived back in the US he vowed to locate and kill Col. Melter, he broke into a military base to fight him, his mission was successful but he escaped by stealing some prototype jetboots. Fara was one of the marines stationed on the base and her unit gave chase.


    After chasing him into the city a firefight ensued but her unit accidentally blew up a car near her, knocking her out, they retreated without her. Feeling compassion Zero took her home to heal her, and for reasons only known to him decided to tell her everything; Fara must have felt something back as she let him live and returned to base the next day. It was in the next few days she found out it was LabTech who killed her parents, she felt bitter and used after faithfully serving them for nearly 10 years, she Went AWOL and joined Zero, she felt attached to him and felt she could trust him. They became a couple and when his plans to start a revolution and fight LabTech she was the first to join, her strict military expertise would come in handy and she felt she had a purpose; she never felt truly comfortable working in the army.     




    Name: Katherine “Kat” Harper

    Age: 29

    Height: 5’10”

    Weight: 60kg

    Weapons: Experimental high power assault rifle firing armour-piercing hollowpoint explosive rounds


    Biography: One of the many (many) bounty hunters LabTech employ, she is a classical case of a young military upstart being groomed into a cold killer. Beautiful and deadly, Kat's tongue is as quick and dirty as the massive gun she carries, manners have never been her strong point and she was always a constant pain for her drill sergeants. Although never personally assigned to Zero, she was actually assigned to bring in Max Damage's nephew, Adam “Anarchy” Wilson, and did so without having to resort to using her experimental rifle. During the middle half of the 21st century, laser weapons became the choice of the military, being easier to use and more reliable (due to advancements in battery power), but carbine weapons where still being developed in tandem, her laser sighted, fully auto assualt rifle fires particularily nasty ammo that can easily penetrated most modern armour, whilest the bullet will ricochet inside its victim tearing the body up from inside then finally exploding. 


    Whilst her military record is less than exemplary (she never made it past private) and her potty-mouth gets her into trouble a lot of the time, her bounty hunting career is littered with high profile assassinations and captures and although not being directly controlled by LabTech, as long as they keep paying, she'll keep working.



    http://i39.tinypic.com/2q0j0rb.pnghttp://i41.tinypic.com/svgv0y.pnghttp://i43.tinypic.com/2s6tufk.pngName: ‘Flare’, Natalya Abromovich

    Age: 22

    Height: 5’ 5’’

    Weight: 60kg

    Weapons: Flamethrower, knife.        

    After the fight with Zero:

    Weapons: Bionic right arm with in-built flamethrower and razor sharp claws, 9mm pistol, increased strength, speed, toughness and endurance induced by narcotics.


    Biography: A problem child from an early age, ‘Flare’ aka Natalya Abromovich came from a poor but caring Russian family in the town of Vladivostok. Her childhood was plagued with disturbing acts of violence; she sadistically killed the family’s pet dog and threatened her parents and other children at school with sharp objects. A school dropout, in her teens she became obsessed with fire and by the age of 16 she had burnt down her parents’ house, killing them along with it.


    By the age of 18, she joined the crime underworld and became a hired killer, working her way up to a right-hand woman of a powerful Russian Mafia kingpin, who she eventually torched to death. Later she fled Russia, knowing the whole crime organisation was after her. She travelled to America and somehow found herself caught up with Zero; like many bounty hunters, Labtech employed her to kill Zero knowing her psychotic and pyromaniacal nature would be a huge asset. Her methods also include seduction and sexual acts to lure her target (be it male or female) where she can effectively kill them. With her fiery temper and unpredictable behaviour she is considered highly unstable and extremely deadly, Flare wouldn’t think twice of killing or burning anyone or anything just for her own perverse pleasure.


    She took Zero by surprise and managed to badly wound him with a metal beam, it was only his increased healing factor that kept him alive long enough to escape. After informing Anarchy about her they teamed up to fight her, but after almost burning Anarchy she escaped to fight another day. She eventually faced Zero alone one more time but he managed to disable her flamethrower; with no time to fix it and only her knife to protect her she attacked head on only to be met by Zero’s blade, he severed her arm but she still kept on fighting, slashing Zero in the process. The intense battle ended when Anarchy took her by surprise and managed to douse her in flames from her own weapon and bringing her to a fiery death; a somewhat fitting end to their deadliest foe yet…


    …Or so they thought. Unbeknownst to them her armour was flameproof but her face and head were badly burnt, she did however manage to survive; she was taken to LabTech and operated on, her severed arm was replaced with a deadly claw which had a flamethrower incorporated into its design, and by request the scientists administered a prototype drug which was being used in its Super Soldier program (stolen from Zero’s blood samples), she gained all the strengths Zero and Anarchy possess. With her armour upgraded and a sinister looking gasmask (to protect her face and hide her horrific scars) she was ready to kill her target once more, and get revenge on Anarchy for permanently scarring her. The whole transformation took just 3 months.  




    Name: Adam ‘Anarchy’ Wilson

    Age: 24

    Height: 5’ 11’’

    Weight: 70kg

    Weapons: 2x custom Glock 35mm semi-automatic pistols (concealed).

                     Custom built power-assisted double-edged sword.

                     Bionic implant: right eye, advanced sensors and vision modes.

                     Increased strength, speed, toughness and endurance induced by narcotics.


    Biography: Like Zero, Anarchy lived as a street punk and took highly dangerous and illegal narcotics; he also found the right combination that boosted the human senses indefinably.


    As a child he regularly stayed with his uncle Max ‘Damage’ Wilson, and at the age of 18 he moved out and Max took him in and trained him as a bounty hunter, like his uncle he is proficient with firearms and quick thinking. During his teenage years he along with Zero where prominent figures in the street punk scene, and both have met in the past, his Bionic eye was implanted as a fashion accessory, but later he had it modified so he could use it in conjunction with his weapons. He has violated many laws and has been a wanted man for many years, but like Zero, he has been able to somehow avoid the law.


    His custom sword was bought from the Japanese black market and is a state of the art power-assisted weapon, easily capable of slicing through solid steel and piercing ceremide armour; he is a good swordsman but has had no formal training and relies on his increased speed and awareness to judge what any opponent will throw at him.


    Because of Zero supposedly killing Max Damage, Anarchy has sought revenge and tracked down Zero. He took over the role of his uncle as a captor of him but in a fight Zero managed to reason with him and convinced him that it was in fact his employers LabTech that killed his uncle, not him. He later severed his ties with LabTech and he and Zero made a truce, with Labtech furious of his treachery his is one of the hunted along with Zero.


    Although he and Zero made peace they weren’t exactly friends but when Zero contacted him about a mysterious woman called Flare, and that she nearly killed him he was intrigued as to who could best one of the most respected bounty hunters in the game. It all became apparent when he called him for help, and arriving on the battle scene she proceeded to torch him with her flamethrower, burning his uncle’s trench coat in the process; luckily he managed to take it off in time. The pyromaniac escaped, only to attack again a few weeks later, this time Zero mortally wounded her and seeing her weapon on the floor he quickly recalibrated the gas canister and gave her a taste of her own medicine, torching her alive. Both he and Zero fled the scene as Labtech marines homed in on their position.


    It wasn’t until 3 months later that he found out she was NOT as dead as they thought and she was back stronger than ever.



    redone Anarchy to show off his sword 🙂



    Great set of characters and profiles.



    Hammerknight said:

    Great set of characters and profiles.

    thanks, I know its not superheros but there is a lot of fantasy and mythology in my work, later on in my story Zero and Fara break into LabTech headquarters and discover sinister links back to the Nazi’s supersoldier program, and how Zero may be a product of genetic engineering, his great grandfather is revealed to be a successful test subject all those years ago….

    Anyway, ive got a couple more characters:



    Name: Littlehawk Ramirez

    Age: 26

    Height: 6’6”

    Weight: 110kg

    Weapons: Mk3 laser rifle with undermounted grenade launcher, Uzi, Machete


    Biography: Littlehawk is Ezekiel’s best friend, although not strictly part of the streetpunk underground scene, he was always there and sees him as a little brother, he comes from a traditional American Indian family and is always there to give advice. Like many teenagers during the ascention years that Labtech rose to power, heavy taxes, propaganda and high crime drove a lot of people to the streets, he still instills his values of life but feels the Company in control is wrong, and is prepared to fight against them. A huge character both physically and spiritually, he is the backbone of Zero’s crack team to take down LabTech, and he proudly wears the armour of a fallen marine in defiance (as well as being able to use his gun). He is a great tactician, leader, and a good friend. During a huge battle outside the companys headquarters, it was Littlehawk that held the soldiers at bay whilest Zero and Fara snuck into the building, he would put his life on the line for his little “brother” and Zero never forgets it. 



    It is alright that your characters are not all superheroes, I do a little bit of everything. As long as your characters make you happy that is all that counts.I have found that all of us here love to share our characters and stories. For the most part this is the only way we have to share, It is hard to get published, but I think I get more enjoyment here because of the feed back from everyone.



    yeah from what ive seen everyones really friendly and helpful! its a great community and theres some truely talented minds out there, heh maybe Marvel and DC should start looking at the fans for inspirations rather than rehashing the same old characters time and time again, bringing people back from the dead and what not, it really stretches the imagination too much, I like to think of semi realistic scenarios and although my world is pure sci-fi, im attracted to dystopian futures and the thought of hope and peace to come out of dark times.



    An action shot of Zero





    That action shot of Zero is just plain Awesome!

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