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    The Eric

    Here’s a place for me to post and share whatever things i make in HM. Often I’ll make illustrations of D&D characters i come up with.

    To start off, here’s a deva battle cleric named Moryah. The design is inspired by “The Benediction of Our Lady Margaret” from Look Around You, and she gets the head-stepping from the archangel St. Michael.

    The shawl she’s holding has her prayer powers on it.



    Nice picture. Hello there in this forum. Inpressing start.


    The Eric

    EDIT: And hello to you too.

    My entry for Pop Quiz – Dragons: “Sea dragon”.

    The barbarian ship Red Dragon prowls the seas, but using a sign of such power so arrogantly may tempt nature’s wrath…

    I’m starting to like transparency effects…



    Nice work, welcome to the forums. Please read the rule and have fun.


    The Eric

    WIPs of a hamadryad paladin and a goblin rogue named “Houndstooth”.



    Funny enough, shortly after i made Houndstooth an actual canine mouth was added. I still prefer the one i made though.


    The Eric

    My entry for Pop Quiz – Humanoids: Dino Rider. Just something quick and simple.



    I absolutely love that. I wouldn’t have thought to use that new companion that way, but the pose works amazingly.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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