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    Just a place for me to put contest entries and the like.

    Tell me what you think of them.


    Wolfgang for Character Design Challenge 97: Everyday Heroes

    Wolfgang (Real name Zane Braxton) is part wolf part man and has been since he was 5 (now 22). He has full control over his wolf abilities most of the time, exception is in times of rage or the full moon, then parts of him start to change (as seen here). He still wears his Letterman jacket from High School and shades to hide his yellow eyes.

    He fights those that upset order, he hates those who abuse those who can’t/won’t fight back.

    His pet, Blaidd, is a wolf/husky mix. Trained to fight with him.


    Sapphire for Character Design Challenge 97: Everyday Heroes


    Sapphire (real name Eve Larabee), a modern witch who uses her magic to help those in need. Her spells include: flight, magi blade, fire whip, and armor field. She discovered her power while reading a book in the library she works in.


    Black Rose for Character Design Challenge 97: Everyday Heroes


    Black Rose (real name Vivan Kabacinski) is a Punk Roller skater turned crime fighter after a freak occurrence turned her into the fastest girl around. With her heightened speed and reflexes she takes to the streets to try to stop a criminal before they have even begun the crime.


    Good stuff! Welcome to the forum.



    Nice work! Welcome. Cool


    Thanks Smile


    Orpheus for Character Design Challenge 97: Everyday Heroes

    Orpheus was just a violinist before his wife of only a day was killed by a gang know as “The Snakes”. He vowed he would some how avenge her death and took up a pact with the ancient gods. He was given a gift the gift to influence the mind through hypnotism, but the only way he can do so is through music. His songs can do anything from causing the target to sleep or to sending them into a fit of emotional hysteria (rage, fear, sadness, joy, etc.).

    (not so subtle Greek myth reference…)



    Nice work, welcome to the forums. Remember to read the rules and have fun.



    Nice posing, I especially like what you did with the coat.Cool



    Great job so far! The poses you put the characters in are really well done. Orpheus’s emotion and musical notes are really cool. And so is the take on Norse Mythology! Cool


    Kid Crash for “The Drawing Contest For People Who Can’t Draw” (even though I can draw )



    My entries for Character Design Challenge 101: Gamma Madness! Will edit this post as I finish them.

    1. Cara: Female Antimatter Blaster Fungoid. Cara appears partly human, but has numerous thin, tendril-like arms. She wears motley steel plate armor and carries a satellite dish shield and a chainsaw. Cara suffers from blindness.

    2. Wardy: Male Temporal Demon. Wardy has green scales and small, bat-like wings. He wears motley plastic armor and carries a hubcap shield and a Glock 9mm pistol. Wardy suffers from deafness.

    3. Virgin: Female Hypercognitive Fungoid. Virgin is a tall and athletic mushroom, with numerous thin, tendril-like arms and blue eyes. She wears a mutant insect shell and wields a replica fantasy sword and an alien blaster rifle. She is fierce and strict.

    4. Hara: Female Reanimated Octopoid. Hara has yellow skin. She carries an oven door shield and a spiked glove. She is absent-minded and cautious.

    5. Joycy: Female Vampiric Demon. Joycy is athletic, with crimson skin and small, bat-like wings. She wears a leather duster and wields a Glock 9mm pistol. She is cautious and haughty.

    6. Aman: Female Gelatinous Fungoid. Aman appears partly human, but has white spongy flesh. She wears a mutant insect shell and wields a pipe wrench and a throwing axe. Aman suffers from tremors.

    7. Athleen: Female Pyrokinetic Felinoid. Athleen has striped auburn fur and bright yellow eyes. She wields an electric nail gun. She is bloodthirsty and vengeful.

    8. Lisse: Female Reanimator Human. Lisse is short and stout, with gray skin and green hair. She wears mutant hide armor and carries a snowboard shield and a heavy iron pipe. She is perverted and vengeful.

    9. Aniel: Female Entropic Demon. Aniel has small, bat-like wings. She wields a kitchen knife and a Colt .357 revolver. Aniel speaks with a lisp.


    10. Mara: Female Hypercognitive Yeti. Mara is tall and slender, with dirty white fur and large green eyes. She wears an alien spacesuit and carries a spiked wooden shield and a boat oar. She is fearless and impish.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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