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    This is the “Grasping Sea.” It’s the second thing I’ve made in HM3, but I’m posting it first because the first and second need “decency” edits to cover a few nips. Oh nips…



    Dionne Jinn

    Welcome to the forum! I love Grasping Sea! Really impressive work.



    This one is still a WIP. I’m calling it Three Cats, but it’s sort of this Sphinx/Fates combo creature. The cat body need some flashy bangles and belts like the figures do. I was using the “housecat” body for a while but moved the the “panther” one this morning. I’m liking it a little better this way. I’m still not sure if I’m keeping the three tails. I might have to end this image soon. I don’t think the engine can handle all the objects. It’s at the point where I can’t actually move anything without the whole image chugging through commands. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong; the image has like 110 or so layers. Eeesh.

    – Image being edited due to nips. If I can’t figure out how to edit/detach the the image link, I’ll just delete the whole post later.-



    These are all so far. I’ve been making one a week. Passion is a lot simpler than the subsequent two. It doesn’t feel as cohesive. I think Grasping Sea is probably the most easily “readable” in an art sense. It has a pretty simple pallet. I put off using “fishnets” on her for a long time but I needed some texture down there it was really hard finding overlay pieces for the squatting stance. After trying to shape some shin-guards and slippers out of other bits, I just put the fishnets on her and called it a day. The jewel/vial thing I but in her hand took forever. She held a number of odd “magical” objects before I came up with that one.

    Thanks for the appreciation Dionne Jinn.

    – Rhuka



    Firstly let me welcome you to the forums Rhuka. That being said I regret that I am going to have to ask you to remove your first and third pictures from the site. Jeff has told HammerKnight and I to enforce a strict no Nudity policy in the pictures posted here. I will need to to take these down ( feel free to post edited versions without the nudity if you like ) by the end of the day or I will have to do it myself. Thank you in advance for your understanding.



    Once again thank you for your understanding. I believe only a Moderator or Admin is able to strip the actual attachment from a post, so I went ahead and did that, but I thank you for your prompt removal of the image links.



    Hey guys,

    I’m new to the forum but I’ve been playing with HM off and on since the original. Lately I’ve been playing with the 3alpha and I’m liking everything it can do. I do enough of my own drawing, but it’s nice on occasion to play with a large, but finite toolbox. It’s like character art legos. I also really like seeing what different people do with the same pieces.
    This is the first thing I made in HM3. In my own work I’m slowly working through my own subconscious and doing some personal mythologizing. I made the first version of this figure a week or so ago, but it had bare “chesticles” so I couldn’t post it. Since I had to take it down earlier I took the time to make a few edits. This isn’t substantially different but I think it overall looks better.

    (Anyway, this is Keeper of Hearts, which was my first post but now is my second post).




    Top work – a great pic, loving the spin on the Hindu goddess imagery. The tasteful additions you’ve made in the name of decency take nothing away from “Keeper of Hearts” or “Grasping Sea”; in fact it’s probably an opportunity to add some of those fabulous jewel coloured outfits….! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your work.



    Thanks, Fuzztone.

    Grasping Sea always had a top because without it the whole figure became a busy green blob. Actually the top wasn’t working as well on Keeper of Hearts so I put in the keys in one hand and the changed the colors of the knife in the other so they would sort of pull you across the figure.

    I do like Hindu and Buddhist iconography…and it’s just fun to play with more arms, legs, and eyes.

    I have one more to re-post from earlier, but it’s giving me hassle. If I didn’t have so many objects in it I would be done, but it takes 15 seconds to click through a dozen layers. It’s pretty bad. I know there must be some layers that go unused so I wish there was a button to access/remove dead layers. (If there’s a way to get around this, I don’t know of it yet).



    Welcome to the forums hope you enjoy your stay.



    This is my most recent character. I’m calling it the Desert Queens, a Sphinx/Three Fates creature. I’ve had a few different backgrounds for them, but none have stuck. I’m also really high up on objects for this one so every new one takes forever to position with the lag I’m getting.

    Anyway, open to critique like always. Thanks for checking out what I do when I can’s sleep.




    love the desert queens!



    Agreed. Desert Queens is a great piece.

    "Don't confuse me, I can only handle one catastrophe at a time."

    I love all three so far! Can’t wait to see more.

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