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    Friendly reminder to back up files. I just went in to HeroMachine and found that all my save files were gone. Fortunately I have an automatic backup so I was able to find the old .sol file and restore everything. I’m not sure what happened since I share the computer with my wife. I have a faint memory of a Flash Player update reminder so perhaps this update was the culprit.



    Good advice. I also keep text string backups of most of my creations, so, if all else fails, I can still reload my creations that way. Glad to hear that the loss of your creations was only temporary.



    Hey guys, technical question here.
    What PC cleaner are you using? From what I hear, CCleaner is top of the market (while apparently free?) but is it HM-safe? i.e. Does it automatically also remove .sol files when removing cookies and stuff? In principle, there should be some settings to customise in order to deal with that (I think?) but, barring that, what choices do I have? Or do I really have to .txt-save all the HM files, including works in progress (because i do save the final versions as .txt, but never the intermediary versions)?



    CCleaner has deleted my HM saves in the past, yes. I back up the SOL-files manually from time to time, bcause I’m too lazy to txt-save.



    Good to know, thanks! :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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