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    I thought a place to show off your special art projects would be a good idea. I ask Jeff to set up this sub forum so that you can post those special project here and not in your art gallery. This would allow people to find your project easier. You can even post templates for other people to use. It is noted that most of the projects here will have had work done on them in other programs. Where as in the Art Gallery most people like to keep it to straight Hero Machine. So for the rules:
    1. Only one thread per category: Posters, Covers, Cards. They are pretty simple:
    a. Posters can cover anything from group shots to movie posters.
    b. Covers are for any type of book covers, ie, comic books, paper backs, photo albums, and the likes.
    c. Cards can be anything like playing cards, trading cards,etc.
    2. This is still a “PG” rated forum so keep it clean.
    3. If the file is really big use spoilers so it does not slow down the loading of the thread.
    4. Thread Name, make the name easy to understand so people can tell what is in the thread. ie, “Hammerknight’s House of Cards”
    5. Most of all have fun. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.



    great idea!



    Thank you sir. My wife married me for more then just my good looks and money. lol



    Good looks and money!I might flip!na just kiddin'(not that I have anything against it,but It probably depends on HOW MUCH $$ we’re talkin’ bout’Wink




Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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