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    Osez marcher avec l’obscurité: Episode 11
    Story and Characters by DC-Lover & The Atomic Punk

    “Who would have thought that the criminal underworld would have been brought to its knees by circus acts? A knife thrower and an Acrobat. But really all you two are…are clowns” Cesar said putting his pistol away.
    He had hoped to have killed one of the masked men, but he also enjoyed watching them cower in fear before his men. Cesar watched his men circle their prey. Toying with the masked men before killing them was his kind of style, he had clearly picked the right choices off his father’s hitmen list. The Primaries were the kind of men that would help Cesar Maldoni become the head of Libreville’s criminal underworld one day. His sudden admiration for the Primaries quickly left as he got bored with this game of chicken. Looking at his watch he decided to leave but not before encouraged the men to hurry up.
    “Gentlemen. I will pay triple to the man who brings me the mask and head of Tenebre. Double to the man who brings me the mask and head of son amant.” Cesar said as he lit a cigarette.
    “What?!” Audere said insulted at the accusation.
    “So right now. The only thing separating your colourful asses from Two or Three million dollars are those men right there.” Cesar said waving his hands to the Primaries and then to Tenebre.
    Avoir une bonne Tenebre de mort. J’espère que c’est douloureux” Cesar Maldoni announced as he walked back into the city.
    Audere reached into his belt blindly not breaking eye contact with the Blue swords men and hoping he had remembered to pack smoke pellets. Tenebre gripped his knife clumsily, the self-inflicted wound encumbering his skill.
    “Red. Let’s leave the Knife guy to Yellow. You and I take out Audere.” Blue said swinging his sword.
    “What do I get out of it?” Red asked irritated.
    “You can take the money I want the head and mask” Blue said lunging at Audere.
    As soon as Blue lunged at Audere, the other two followed. Yellow leapt towards Tenebre with his blades out and ready to taste Tenebre’s blood.
    “You know my name?” Audere asked blocking the blade with his Bo staff.
    “Oh we met briefly in Montreal. And I know exactly who to go to with your head once I cut it off your shoulders!” Blue said pulling back as Red connected with the Tetsubo sending Audere hurdling towards trash cans.
    Were it not for his armour and conditioning Francois would be unconscious from that blow, but that did not make it hurt any less. His whole body was in extreme pain and he had to act fast.
    Tenebre moved quickly avoiding the strikes of his fast opponent. Even though the assailant’s leg was wounded, he was not holding anything back. He was almost as skilled a knife fighter as Tenebre was, this was a troubling thought as Tenebre was not at his best. Their blades grinded against each other as each fighter wanted blood. Tenebre’s hand sent pain burning through his body as his grip tightened the blade, he would die soon if he didn’t do something fast. Tenebre quickly kneed Yellow in the gut and kicked him away from him. It was then that Tenebre heard a shout coming from his ally.
    “Tenebre! Close your eyes!” Audere shouted as he threw four small pellets on the ground.

    The pellets exploded with a fierce ringing as well as produced a very bright flash of light that blinded the three men. As they screamed Audere leapt atop of Red and tightening his thigh’s around his head hurricanrana-d him to the ground. Pulling out his Taser (the most useful of his gadgets he found) shocked the man into unconsciousness. Having recovered Blue ran over and rammed Audere into the nearest wall. Audere was so caught off guard that he had dropped the only weapons that could defend him, his Bo staff and Taser. Blue’s sword was missing but he did not want to waste time looking for it. Blue gripped Audere by the throat and begin to punch him as he choked the life from Francois’s body. If he did not do something soon he was going to die.
    Tenebre was too late to close his eyes and also received the blinding light that Audere’s silly little bombs let off. However, luck was on the side of Bertrand Fournier tonight. He had recovered much quicker than that of his opponent and Tenebre took full advantage of his disgruntled foe. Dashing over to Yellow he pulled out two knives and stabbed Yellow in his shoulders to stop him from using his weapons. This was required Tenebre to use a great deal of force due to the body armour Yellow was wearing. The man screamed as the blade pierced the armour and skin. Blood ran down the clean yellow body armour as Tenebre twisted the knife. Tenebre tripped the man to the ground and stomped on his wounded knee.
    Audere kicked and punched at Blue in an attempt to escape from his rock hard grip. Audere felt the life drain from his body when he was suddenly dropped. Audere coughed frantically as he dragged air into his lungs. He looked up to see a knife was pressed against Blue’s neck.
    “Do you wish to die?” Tenebre asked in a mocking tone.
    He remained silent as Audere saw the man who had saved his life, was the murderous Tenebre. Why?
    “Now…It’s time for the real fun yes?” Tenebre said as signalled towards Audere to get up.

    Using the flexi cuffs Audere had in his belt he had safely secured the three men, while Tenebre hung them upside down with a cables. The way they were hung reminded Francois of his first night in this city. The men hanging from the lamp post. Tenebre circled each man with his knife. Audere watched as he glided the knife along each of their necks softly so as to not break the skin.
    “Gentlemen we are going to play a game. The rules are simple. Tell us where to find your boss or Ms Swan and you all leave with stab wounds and broken bones but alive. Now I have no doubt that you all won’t tell us what we want to hear, so I have devised prizes for when I hear what I don’t want to hear.” Tenebre said with a chuckle.
    ” One of you leaves here a full man and goes to jail…” Tenebre said as he gripped the blade.
    “Another man leaves here with less fingers, one ear, a split septum and goes to jail.” he continued.
    “And the Loser dies.” He said pulling Yellow’s head close to his own.
    Tenebre was pulled back by Audere. Francois was not about to watch this happen, even if Tenebre had saved his life. He pulled Tenebre out of the earshot of the three hanging men.
    “We cannot do this. There is another way.” Audere whispered to Tenebre.
    “What do you propose we do to find Ms Swan?” Tenebre asked frustrated at the Boy Scout Audere was.
    Audere stood silent before walking over to the three men. The thought had occurred to him that he would once again have to do what he did best. Talk.
    “I have asked and pleaded with my homicidal friend over there to let you all live…” Audere started.
    “But I am at a cross roads myself when it comes to that topic. You see. I want Ms Swan to be safe and…Over the last few days I have found myself doing more and more things I am not proud of.” Audere continued as he began to mimic Tenebre’s movements from before.
    “So..While I have been given a chance to not only save the lives of the men that tried to kill me, but also make sure you all leave with no missing appendages.” Audere continued as he leaned close to Reds face.
    “All I want is a name.” Audere said but was greeted with the feeling of saliva hitting his face.
    A rather uncomfortable feeling, Red seemed to disagree with Audere’s offer.
    “Alright then. Tenebre!” Audere shouted hoping the fear would force one of the men to spill their guts.
    “CLUB RIO!” Yellow shouted as tears streamed down his face.
    “Club Rio?” Audere repeated confused.
    “It’s a strip club. Girls are taken from the streets loaded up on drugs and then forced to dance for Cesar’s and some other men’s enjoyment.” Tenebre said in a calm fashion that shook Audere to the bone.
    He said it as if it was common Knowledge and yet none did anything about it. Francois’ Temper swelled inside of himself at the thought of this clubs activities. He was going to kill Cesar Maldoni if he had done that to Andrea!
    “So..ils vivent?” Tenebre asked as he threw a knife in the air and grabbed it.
    Audere stood paralyzed in anger at the thought of helpless women forced to take drugs and dance for pigs such as Cesar Maldoni!
    “AUDERE!” Tenebre shouted as he began to get impatient.
    “Yes…They live.” Audere said as he pulled out a flare gun.
    “How much do you have in those compartments?” Tenebre asked.
    “Not as much as you would think Mon ami” Audere answered coldly aiming the gun to the sky and firing.
    This was Audere;s way to signal the police to come to this area. And dropping the now useless gun as a red glare illuminated the sky he turned his back to the hanging men and prepared to leave.
    “She’s probably giving him a lap dance right now…” Blue said mockingly.
    “What did you say?” Audere asked as he turned his attention towards Blue.
    “Your girl. Probably dancing her pretty little behind around the table top out of her mind.” He said laughing at Audere.
    Francois fury had broken free and Tenebre witnessed Audere lose control. Francois had charged over to Blue and proceeded to beat him mercilessly. Fist after fist connected with Blues face and body as Audere didn’t show signs of stopping.
    “Stop!” Blue shouted as Audere assaulted him
    “I didn’t mean it!” He continued Audere not stopping.
    “Please!” He screamed as Audere stopped.
    “We leave!” Audere said violently as he used his grappling cable to propel to the roof.

    They had leapt across buildings together not saying a word to each other. Suddenly Audere stopped on the building in front of Club Rio. Rage filled his body and fascination filled Tenebre’s mind. Women were a sore spot for the great Audere.
    “Do you know of Bertrand Fournier?” Audere asked Tenebre.
    Tenebre was taken aback by this question. Did he not know who that Tenebre was Bertrand? Had he not realised this when they fought? Or was Bertrand confusing coincidence with fact? What if this was not Francois Indere’s?
    “I do. He is the son of the Fournier crime boss. What of him?” Tenebre asked in confusion.
    “Do you know if he comes here?” Audere asked as he looked down towards the club.
    Tenebre was insulted at this question. He would never go to a place such as this. It disgusted him.
    “No I doubt it. Why do you ask?” Tenebre asked.
    “I wanted to see if you would lie about who you are Bertrand.” Audere said.
    Bertrand was taken aback by this statement. Audere knew who he was. Which meant, Bertrand knew who Audere was. A smile crossed Bertrand’s face.
    “So Francois. The question is Do I kill you now?” Tenebre asked as he pulled out his knife.


    Announcement: DC-Lover and I have put Osez marcher avec l’obscurité on hiatus. This thread will update as “Unread” when a new episode begins. In the meantime, please visit and feel free to comment on our other HeroMachine projects.



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