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    I really dug the monster contest recently. I make alot of monsters on here and thought I would start a topic for everyone to post more monsters!






    i made a little citadel to show aome scale!



    nobody wants to make some more monsters? ok, well i’m gonna!



    Monsters aren’t really my specialty, but I might give it a go. That one you have up there is awesome by the way. Looks like he could eat that citadel in one bite.


    I’ll see if i can dig one up too. your creature would be terrifying if it was the size of a person…but that big, well, then its a godslayer, give it a story and I would nominate it for whenever the next HOTM is.

    EDIT: I hope thats not a creature you put in your DnD games, because that would be overkill for your poor players.



    April 1st is when HOTM starts.



    This big bad mother is actually a human being who went through a hell of a metamorphosis.
    Mauro was born sometime in the middle of the 15th century. He was a good, hard-working man but a drastic turn of fate sent him spiraling down to the most horrible poverty.
    Not able to find a legal means of sustentation, he turned to breaking the law and was caught stealing food to satiate his starvation. As punishment, his left hand was chopped off and the rest of him thrown and locked in a cell. During a riot, he managed to escape but stumbled and fell inside a pit of strange black fluid.
    Out of the pit and again on the run, he came across a small group of knights fallen in battle. Among the armors and weapons that were scattered about, one caught his attention – half a gauntlet that ended in three spiked-ball-and-chains. He took it and inserted it at the end of his left arm and surprinsingly noticed that it was a perfect fit.
    His body started to ache. His temperature started to rise. His skin started to fall. He fell down to ground on his knees, then on his side and stayed there until it all turned black. And never woke up…
    Well, at least not again as Mauro… For he is now known among the villagers as… CONVERSUS



    Not really sure how to start this off. Ok, here goes.
    Daigon is one of the few remaining lieutenants of the Demonic army that partook in Armageddon. As a lieutenant Daigon has/had access to advanced technology from within the Hell-forge armoury, this tech. ranges from visual equipment such as visors, like the one that Daigon wears, to full-body armour.
    During the ‘Campaign for the End of Days’, Daigon encountered several Hell-borne reptiles and took it upon himself to train them as small, aerial scouts. These scouts, through-out the Campaign, were called ‘Drakes’ by the humans that managed to survive the hectic times of the Campaign.
    Daigon’s most notable traits are the ‘blue’ flame-like facial and crown hair, as well as his two sets of horns.
    His history in regards to his private life is clouded in mystery, the few demons who knew of his past are either dead, from the war, or they are captives of the Angelic Army. Daigon’s military history is very well known through-out the Campaign, rumour had it that he was on his way to become a General, but he had a conflict with his C.O which ended badly for Daigon.
    He is still trying to survive and win the war, which he doesn’t know is over.

    P.S sorry about the size


    Your first post on this forum Str00 and you open with a killer composition, welcome, I look forward to seeing more from you



    oh man! some great monsters! as for my beast:

    “it is a bygone left-over from the times of the ELDER GODS. Imprisoned deep with the ground by ancient MAGICKS; only by gathering SIX artifacts from across the globe, and performing certain un-speakable rituals when the STARS have aligned, can the world-ender be freed. “

    So im gonna have them questing for macguffins all over my new shiny fictional planet! and maybe depending on how things go, when they are epic god-like heroes they might face it!



    Frost Giant!





    Bill Lee Karr (a.k.a. Grizzly)

    While vacationing at the foot of the mountains, he killed a grizzly bear that attacked him. When he was released from the hospital, the scars on the outside were nothing compared to the ones inside. He was convinced that at the same moment he applied the fatal blow, the spirit of the bear entered his body and possessed him. This thought haunted him day and night until it finally got the best of him and he became derangely mad.
    Now, he lurks in the shadows of the forests and the mountains, attacking and slaughtering anyone that crosses his path. He wears a bear mask, has a bear face burned in his right arm, and sickly loves blades and power tools for his killings.



    humans are the scariest monsters indeed.


    Ok so if you go Here and read the story that goes with my giant, you find find out there is a powerful demon being held back by magic.

    so here is my question: this is my prototype Demon

    do you think this would challenge a club using, magic wielding giant? or should i beef it up some? (they are around the same size)

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