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    I always create this original wrestler in all the WWE/F games I had/have. I put him in the same category as Triple H, Stone Cold, The Rock, Brock Lesnar and Goldberg in terms of their presence in the ring and as a persona. He will fight without mercy and takes orders from no one. He never feels intimidated and IS intimidating to others. He has bursts of aggression but never lets himself go out of control. Dubbed “The Subterranean Terror” as his persona is that of a “being” that lives underground.


    Here is a clip of my characters entrance in WWE 12:

    Hope you guys like it!



    Wow. Big, bad, and Nasty. Great start keep on going.



    Limit yourself to two or three, at the most, threads in the Art Gallery this makes it easier for other people to find your art.


    So what you are saying is put as many created pictures of different characters into “one or two” threads?



    Yeap. I think Hammerknight think for make only one topic and upload there all of your pictures.

    You rename this topic, and start to shown your pictures.


    Right ok. I just thought that you could post an individual character for the members to talk about. But I guess your ways slows down the bogging of threads.



    It makes it a lot easier for people to locate your characters if they are all in one place.


    ok. Thanks.

    Just a quick question though. What is this site trying to load onto my computer? I reach a limit of items to use and then a box pops up saying the sites needs to upload files onto my computer. I trust no site when it come to this. So can someone please explain because I cannot complete my creations.




    Heromachine uses Adobe Flash. The character items are all Flash objects and HM saves your character data to your computer as a Flash cookie.

    If you leave Flash a really small amount of cache space you won’t be able to use lots of objects in HM and If you block all cookies you’ll be able to create characters but not to save them. The only way to do that would be to save the character data as a text file and load it up each time.

    If you’re worried you can set up Flash to allow cookies from certain sites but not others – have a look at the Flash Settings in your Control Panel / System Preferences.


    I was on about using a lot of items for one character/creation. Not the saving of multiple characters. So is it safe to “Allow” this site to upload something to my computer?



    Yup, pretty much. At least i haven’t had any issues here.


    ok. I’m going on record that if my computer goes doolally, I’m blaming this site lol

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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