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    In the past, I have successfully edited a couple of posts. This problem is recent (within the last week). I click the “Edit” button. I also tried using “Edit Post” in the Forum Toolset. Either way, the Forum opens the textbox to edit. I make my changes to the text then hit “Save Edited Post” but nothing happens. The update does not occur. The page does not even re-load.

    If I go to “Remove Attachments,” the page re-loads automatically. The text remains unedited and the “removed” attachment is still there.

    A couple of other observations. When you upload your text files as attachments, they do not show in the textbox area. However, they are uploading. Which is why you will see “character.txt” then “character-1.txt,” “character-2.txt,” etc. when you upload the same file repeatedly. If the meter bar says a file uploaded successfully, it most likely did. You just don’t see the hyperlink like you do with image files. Second, if you try to “Copy & Paste” text files, the Forums strip the HTML tags. So all you are left with is the item definitions.

    Here is the post that I am trying to edit.

    I am using Internet Explorer 8 in Windows XP, if that makes any difference.

    Oh, one more thing… why does the vertical scrollbar keep jumping when your posts go longer than the area of the textbox? It’s a nuisance.

    Thoughts? Fixes? Thank you!



    That is a Jeff question if I ever saw one. I’ll let him know.


    @hammerknight said:

    That is a Jeff question if I ever saw one. I’ll let him know.

    Thanks again for checking. I understand Copy&Paste does not work for posting saved character text because of the HTML tags. In fact, it’s a bad idea, even if you use the spoiler tags.

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