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    Hey guys, iv been following this game pretty closely since I heard about it over a month ago. I’m curious as to who is going to be buying it maybe ill be able to hook up with someone online for a good match.

    For those of you who don’t know what the game is about, it’s basically DC fighting game, like Mortal Kombat but with heroes an villains. The main story is that the lines of good and evil are blurred and now you have the heroes and villains working against one another on opposing teams. If you’ve read the comics then you’ll know what leads up to this event and I won’t spoil it but let just say the Joker get personal with the man of steel. I don’t know who’s interested and who knows about it already but I’ll explain a little just for the heck of it.

    Now the gameplay from what I’ve seen is straight forward. 2 button s for attacking you can guard and have specials (Anyone that’s played DBZ budokai will be pretty familiar with this.), the environments are destructive and interactive, being able to punch your opponent into a new section through walls, there are 2 types of characters gadget and power types. The differences are in the attacks and how they interact with the environment. Power types will pick up a car and throw it while gadgets will blow it up or throw you into it.

    There will be a total 24 in game characters with I’m guessing many more to be brought in by DLC. At present 22 of those characters have been announced, confirmed or otherwise shown with lots of others making cameos in different maps. Right now that roster is:

    Wonder Woman
    Green Lantern
    Green Arrow
    Shazam (Captain Marvel)
    Lex Luthor
    Harley Quinn
    Black Adam
    Solomon Grundy

    There’s a whole list of ones that make cameos and what not but I’m not going to get into it. If anyone has anything to say or add feel free. I’ll try updating this of people are at all interested.


    I am not a big fan of Fighting games anymore. When I was younger I loved Super Street Fighter II, Darkstalkers, etc but not so much anymore. I am currently getting my fix of SuperHero Video gaming via DC Universe Online, DC’s MMORPG available on Playstation 3 and on the PC, though PC and Playstation players can not play together as they each have independent servers.


    Oh yeah I played that for a little while. I never could stay interested because I liked going with groups and all y friends would play for a few days then stop. So I still have it but havnt been on in a while. I hate the download time for that game too.


    I ment to update this the other day but i ended up getting real busy.

    So there’s been a couple of new things with Injustice. First is they made a trailer to explain Harley Quinn’s role. Seems sea had a change of heart and is now a hero. Also they gave a spoiler that Scarecrow makes a cameo in the arkham asylum stage in his Batman arkham asylum game look. It seems there using a lot of the characters from that game.

    Now the last is probably the biggest one. They revealed that if you purchase the season pass you will get a bonus 3 flashpoint costumes (Aquamans, Deathstroke an Wonder Woman’s) but also you get 4 exclusive characters to download. Now which characters those are is anyone’s guess, I can only hope it’s Martain manhunter, black canary, Metallo and killer croc. But I’m probably wrong. The season pass is available same time as the game, April 16th.

    And again if anyone is goin to be getting this let me know, I’ll be on PS3.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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