Hero of the Month Rules

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    Hero of the Month rules.
    #1. Each month from the 1st to the 15th characters can be nominated
    #2. On the 16th or 17th(time permitting) I will post the poll.
    #3. Voting will last for seven days.
    #4. The day after the polls close I will post the winners. In case of a tie I will post another poll and have a one day vote off to decide the winner.
    #5. You are no longer required to write five sentences, but you must have a short Character Profile. Profile must contain the following: Name and/or Alias, Powers and/or Abilities, and Hero or Villain. A genre would be nice too, but is not required.
    #6. As long as there are at least two entries there will be a poll.
    #7. Keep it clean, we do have kids that visit the forums.
    #8. Have fun.

    #9. Post characters on your archive page.


    Start date, March 1st


    I would like to add to these rules that you can not nominate your own Pictures. Also all nomination must be made with some version of Heromachine including Shakti warrior and can not be edited using any photo editing software. 


    Great job guys!


    Just a suggestion, but the HOTM Nominations forum is getting a little cluttered already. Maybe pin the main headings then drill down the months (and years) between Nominations and Voting:

    • Winners of the HOTM Hall of Fame
    • Hero of the Month Rules
    • Nominations for HOTM (Subtopics by Month / Year)
    • Vote for HOTM (Subtopics by Month / Year)
    • No Copyright Material

    As it is now, we’re on track to have at least 22 Subtopics sprawled over two or three pages. It would be helpful if there is a proper format or structure in place. Thanks.



    I’m working on that. I’m still trying to get the hang of things.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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