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    I would post all of my creations here.


    First up: Phantom.

    Phantom is a superhuman employed by the government to keep watch of superhuman activities around the city.Phantom is able to phase through solid objects, fly and has superhuman strength.


    Here is: Hammer.

    Hammer is a vigilante, he had a rare genetics which granted him superhuman strength,endurance and stamina.Hammer is also impervious to damage to a certain extent, he shows no damage against bullets fired from guns.



    Here’s: Pharaoh

    A powerful mystical being who is dug from his grave by a nazi research party in 1942.Calling himself, the Pharaoh, this being is show to have good relations with humans as he is seen to have helped people in certain ways.


    Here is: The sorcerer

    A monk who can control elements like fire,water and earth.The sorcerer is from an extinct race of people with powers which have never been seen.It is unknown where the sorcerer resides but rumor has it that the government is after him to somehow experiment with his genetics and share it with ordinary people so as to breed a race of superhumans.



    Next up: Beetlejuice

    Beetlejuice is a crimefighter who uses absurd techniques to capture or kill criminals. Beetlejuices real identity is unknown but the tech he uses is pretty advanced which causes the police a hard time in identifying who he really is.



    This one is: Hercules

    A time traveler from the future. Hercules belongs to an elite unit in the military from the future. An infamous criminal from the future has escaped the timeline using a technology not available to the public. It is unknown how many culprits are involved but Hercules is assigned to capture them all.



    This guy is the: Serpent king

    Blamed for the mysterious disappearance of sewer workers, it is known that Serpent king resides in the sewers. Despite his sinister appearance, Serpent king is never considered a serious threat to the civilian population as he is seldom seen above the sewers.




    Good work. Welcome to the forums, be sure to read all the forum rule and have fun designing characters.


    Thanks Hammerknight!

    On the same page as Phantom is: Crosshair

    Crosshair is a member of the S.H.S.A. (Super Human Secret Agency). Although he has no powers, Crosshair is the best marksman in the military, as a former Navy Seal, he is also good in all forms of martial arts and has proved himself capable of taking down superhumans. His job is to monitor superhuman activities along with Phantom, the government has assigned many more people like Crosshair and Phantom in fear that Superhuman activities might get out of control and eventually lead to the downfall of normal humans.




    hey great start.I really want to add that there is a tips and tricks thread that will help to explain MASKING items so that you can place the weapons and items in the hands of your character as opposed to just tacking them over the hand.Check out all the tips you can and don’t be afraid to ask the machiners that inspire you questions as all of us here are willing to help!The most important thing is to HAVE FUN!!Don’t rack your brain tryin’ to be too flashy,that will come in time.welcome to the world of “THE MACHINE”great start!keep it going looking forward to see more of your creations!Laugh


    Thanks for the tips Scatman! I’m sure I’ll pick up more skills from other machiners such as yourself around hereLaugh

    Here are more members of the S.H.S.A.
    Here is:The flyer
    Real name: Freddy Mcpyre
    Affiliation: S.H.S.A. private

    The Flyer is mutant who’s been thrown out of his hometown because of discrimination. The Flyer move out of his hometown and was recruited to join the S.H.S.A. Freddy has a lot of skill sets, he was very intelligent and has created self-defense machines that the military failed to recreate. Freddy’s knowledge about the modern technology is very advanced and he was proven capable of taking down humans and superhumans much more powerful than himself.



    This one is: Statix
    Real name: Jennifer Rellington
    Affiliation: S.H.S.A. private

    Born a mutant, Jennifer has a unique ability to conduct electricity and shoot it out of her hands. Feared by her parents, she was left in an orphanage where she grows up. One day, one of Jennifers friend was killed in a robbery conducted by superhuman criminals. This angered Jennifer making her join the S.H.S.A. taking the alias: Statix in hopes of preventing the same thing from happening to other people.



    This one is: Brutus
    Real name: N/A
    Affiliation: S.H.S.A. private

    Brutus belongs to a race of ancient apes thought to be extinct. It is unknown weather Brutus is the only one left in his kind. Brutus is an intelligent creature and has shown to be capable of speaking English, growing up, Brutus was very lonely as he is not accepted by society because of his appearance. Brutus was recruited to join S.H.S.A. where he was able to put his abilities to use. Brutus has superhuman speed,strength,scent and stamina.



    This one is a remake of: Phantom
    Real name: Ben Haggard
    Affiliation: S.H.S.A. commander

    Being the first person ever recruited in the S.H.S.A. Ben became the leader of the entire unit. Ben has a rare genetic just like Hammer which gave him flight,superhuman strength and speed. Ben was also able to squeez unused energy around him and use it against his foes. Ben was feared around the city because of his abilities but ever since he was recruited to the S.H.S.A. he has won the trust of most people.


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