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    Which do you like best DC or Marvel? Tell us why.Cool



    Personally I am a Marvel fan. For me, its characters have always seemed more real, more believable. Due to this, I can relate to them. Who doesn't see a little bit of their self in little Peter Parker, for instance. Also for the most part, they each have their own weaknesses, their flaws, something which I don't always see in DC characters.



    I like DC for more then just the main three(Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman). Don't get me wrong, Batman is at the top of the list. But there are the other ones. SGT. Rock, is the coolest GI out there, my most favorite Rock cover is where he is in the middle of a group of Germans fighting them back with an ammo belt. Other GI titles too, GI Robot, Creature Commandos, Hunted Tank, and so on. DC was all over World War Two.



    i agree that marvel is, for the most part, more believable, but what really bugs me about it is that, with XMen, it's as if all mutants have the same disease, that can be cured with the same hypodermic for everyone. i mean, how would it “cure” someone with wings? they would have to be surgically removed, not injected w/ anti-mutant crap! and how does what takes away magnetic powers also cure a laser-eyes ability? they are completely unrelated!

    anyhow, even though i could go on for a while about that, i will simply skip to my last point. i think DC characters are mostly cooler (aside from certain specific heroes).



    Back when I was a teenager (no, I will not telly you when that was), I was almost strictly a Marvel guy, with a few DC titles. Mostly I liked the characters and story line. However, lately, I’m mostly reading more independent titles, a bit of Flash and Green Lantern, and few Marvel titles. I’m not even sure why the switch.



    I used to only ever think about marvel but now learning about characters and stories, I gotta say DC has grown on me. I like the thought of the Justice league, large group of heroes banding together and working side by side and a lot of their ideas. Green Lantern, amazing concept of a superhero, Doomsday has to be the most coolest looking plus interesting villian. But marvel has their characters that work amazing together, you can throw any one in with a group and itll work out. So thats a hard decision, Im really crossed but if I had a gun too my head id say Marvel, just cause of the Hulk 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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