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Name: Amy “Skye” Avery
Alias: Mach-10
Powers: Hypersonic Flight (Up to approx 7673mph/ 12348kph), Extreme Friction/ Heat/ G-Force Resistance

Always something of a dreamer, Amy Avery got the nickname “Skye” from her friends because she always had her head in the clouds. Ironic, considering her (at the time) undiscovered power to fly. However, when she discovered her power, Amy changed. Her power seemed to motivate her and allowed her to focus in a way that she never had before, almost as if that part of her had been lying dormant as well. Now she shoots through the sky as Mach-10, a reference to her alleged top speed, which, if true, would make her not just the fastest superhuman in the world, but also the fastest thing in the world as not even the fastest planes or rockets have ever gone as fast as she can.

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