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Herr D

James Ritchie was very much a ’70s child born in the ’90s. Funkadelic with science fiction-themed lyrics was hardly a new thing, but it’s all James ever wanted to make. His producers talked him into a last bid for fame: a tour of Mechno Funktion, a brand new group where the band members didn’t even know each other, and preserved their identities by costuming themselves and staying masked even in rehearsal till after the first three concerts. There would be lighted panels; there would be stunts; there would be special effects! There would be problems.
It was billed as the responsible way to be musicians during the COVID19 pandemic. Zoom, Google Meets, and other platforms fought for the exclusive rights to air their concerts. The masks were dimmed, so one could only see their instruments. The producers warned everyone it would be a high-risk venture, it would be odd, it would be uncomfortable, it would be difficult, and it would probably be a tax write-off for all investors.
The producers did NOT warn anyone about helmet hair or that they’d have to buy their own Segways or skates.
After two skating electric guitarists and one skating theremin player broke bones and came down with lice from infested costumes, the first show was canceled. Eventually, the producers gave up after details were leaked to the press. James has put out bids for editors. There may be enough material for ONE music video, and everyone has signed off on rights, percentages, etc.
James is broke, though. So it may never happen.
**** ****
This isn’t just my usual misuse tableau. I went for the CS treatment, where each item becomes the next one’s category. Sadly, the plan went awry. It was merely a four-part switcheroo with an EXTRA category. The companion (vehicle) became a hat, the hat became a musical instrument, the musical instrument became a comb (hair-related item), and several hair items became a vehicle. On a positive note, I think this is the first hm3 Segway. Sorry I had to rush through this, but time was limited.

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