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Name: Sarah Williams
Birthday: June 7th
Height: 6.3ft/ 1.92m
Occupation: Fitness Instructor/ Personal Trainer
Personality: Cheerful, Outgoing, Confident, Motivated, Stubborn, Assertive
Likes: Working Out, Dogs, Punk Rock, Action Movies, Cold Weather
Dislikes: Bugs, Unsolicited Remarks About Her Body, Will Ferrell movies, Hot Weather

Extra Facts:
-Sarah was the one who introduced Lili and Danni. She has been Danni’s friend since childhood (their mothers where old school friends) and she met and became friends with Lili at uni (through Sarah’s then boyfriend).
-Sarah has an unfortunate habit of saying the first thing that comes to her mind sometimes. Normal it isn’t a problem, but she has an unfortunate habit of doing it at the worst possible time. For example, when she first found out that Trinity was trans the first thing she did was ask if she still had a penis. She has yet to live that one down (though, at least, Trinity did forgive her).
-Lili made the very stupid mistake of hiring Sarah as her personal trainer. As good of friends as they may be, when it comes to work, Sarah is a hard taskmaster. Problem is, because they’re friends, Sarah knows all of Lili’s bad habits which means Lili can’t get away with anything. At least the training is showing results, although Lili isn’t planning on going quite as far as Sarah with the whole “getting in shape” thing.

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