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Herr D

Crikes are blind, blue, mostly reptilian, and completely mean. At about two metric tons each, they can run (stampede) almost as fast in any direction. They do not bother to turn most of the time. They just change course. Their dominant limb is their upper appendage. It will grasp any hard object firmly with its two thumblike digits and use it to smash anything it finds. It will then squat upon it and taste it if it is hungry. It is omnivorous and has a surprisingly simple digestive system. Rather than an alimentary canal, it has a system of envelop, absorb, and release. One orifice, rapid transfer. With a high resistance to poison and disease, it doesn’t have a care in the world except for smashing more of whatever it finds.

An image of one was actually seen by a young human. The human was pre-verbal, enthusiastic, and from a place called Australia. The unsanctioned visitor who showed it to the young Earthling was later punished for showing the human the image and telling its name. It is 90% certain that the Earthling had no memory of the event whatsoever.

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