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Herr D

Yowza. I’m not sure whether I like that no one took over. I do like judging too, of course. I’ve had major computer problems for the last little bit at home. I couldn’t afford to take it to an expert. The facility I work at limited our net use EVEN MORE suddenly. As a fed contractor, it has to take any net security issue seriously. We aren’t even able to look at the dashboard on heromachine most days now. Hopefully, this will get better soon. Anyhow, with an acquaintance helping me out, my computer is on the net again.

So, to business. I’ve missed out on some great contests, including a triple play since I’ve been off. That’s what this is, to all noobs. A biweekly triple play with the winner of each one becoming the next judge. That’s the rules. Enter one pic using the three items the judge picks, and if you win? Pick three items, a deadline, and judge the entries. You may do so as you see fit, but I suggest looking back to see how others have done it.

Please find three new items attached. Deadline is noon, EST on 12/10/19. Hopefully to be judged by 8pm.

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