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Hypernova served as Gamma Ray’s most ruthless assassin during the Preserver invasion of Earth and took great delight in cowing the populace, making examples of many of them. Despite being the weakest of all the Preservers, Hypernova was still much stronger than any human and he was more than a little excited to show them. He was responsible for the deaths of a number of heroes including Mister E and Springboard.

After the invasion was repelled, the few Preservers that were left fled. Only two remained. Eclipse had seen the error of her ways (and the growing insanity of Gamma Ray) and switched sides in the final battle, helping the forces of Earth to win the fight. She had chosen to try to atone for her past sins by emulating Earths heroes and helping people.

Hypernova wanted no such atonement. While he too had noticed Gamma Ray’s growing insanity…he didn’t care. He thought nothing of killing humans and he truly believed in Gamma Ray’s plan to subjugate humanity and set themselves up as gods.

Of course after the invasion ended and Gamma Ray was defeated, things changed. His cohorts had fled back to the stars but Hypernova stayed. He actually liked it here. He liked being strong. He liked being feared. He liked french fries and ice cream and those terrible dramas on TV. Humans may have been disgusting and stupid but they knew how to live. His other option was to return to the stars and ascend to a higher plain of existence again. While that had seemed like a grand goal the first time, he now knew that floating through the cosmos as a disembodied consciousness for eons was soooooooo boring. At least here on Earth he could have some fun for a but.

Problem was, while he liked living, he may not stay that way for long if he kept killing off humans let, right and center. Those idiot do-gooders would never leave him alone. The worst of them all were those traitors, Comet and Eclipse. They would no doubt be coming after him regardless but at least if he didn’t kill anyone, they might go a little easier on him. As much as he hated to admit it, they were both stronger than him and he probably couldn’t take either of them in a fight.

Hypernova still has the potential to be a truly terrifying threat but he’s smart enough to try another way and for now just sticks to trying to steal as much money as he can to live comfortably.

If Gamma Ray and the other preservers ever come back though, Hypernova is more than willing to sign back up…if he thinks they can win this time.

"You seem nice. I'd hate to have to kill you." - Hypernova

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