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Blue Blazer

Alias: Impala
Real Name: Brittany Gray
Genre: Superhero
Powers/Special Skills: superspeed
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: none
Affiliations: Gazelle
Other Aliases: XLR-8R, Speed Freak
Status: active
Andrea Gray lived a double life as the superheroine Impala without her family finding out – or so she thought. But one day her little sister Britt confronted her and told Andrea that she not only knew of her big sister’s power, but she had the same one.

Always the selfish sibling, Britt forced her older sister to let her fight crime alongside her, and even went so far as to make her give up the Impala name so that Brittany could wear it. She blackmailed Andrea by threatening to tell the world her secret. Reluctantly, Andrea agreed, and Britt became the second person to wear the mask of Impala. They fought crime together, Andrea changing her superhero name to Gazelle, for several years. But they eventually tired of seeing each other all the time. They agreed to split up, and Britt began a solo career as Impala.

But that same innate motivation that led Britt to blackmail her sister pushed her to seek more power and more speed, so she began to research cybernetic implants to increase her velocity. She modified her body with so much technology that she eventually changed her alias to XLR-8R. Not only did her new body run exponentially faster, but she also stole, from the superhero Friction, the design for a device that stores the static electricity formed by simply moving through the air. This gave Britt the ability to fire bolts of electricity from her hands.

At the height of this power, Britt went through yet another transformation, although this time it was unwitting. While in battle as XLR-8R, she collided headlong with Zazarel, a beast from the Hellgate dimension. This collision at such high speed, with such a massive amount of energy expended, caused the two beings to merge into one. Now Zazarel was at the wheel of an insanely fast superhuman, and it used this opportunity to cause massive amounts of destruction and chaos. This new creature called itself Speed Freak, and it even discovered that its speed allowed it to slip into a side dimension, a plane just beyond our reality. This allowed Speed Freak to essentially teleport from place to place. But it was there, in that strange world, that Speed Freak was confronted by none other than Gazelle, Brittany’s now estranged sister. Gazelle had gotten her speed power amplified by the superhero Battery. During the fight, Gazelle was able to separate Speed Freak into its original two bodies, and trap Zazarel in the pocket dimension while escaping with Britt.

Severely traumatized by the experience, Britt hung up her super suit, had her cybernetics removed, and retired from life as a superhuman. She even paid a visit to Battery and had him drain her of her speed power completely and permanently.


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