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When the nuclear powered hero known as Atomic’s powers became unstable, he tried his best to reach an unpopulated area. He managed to avoid killing anyone in the explosion caused by his eventual death but the fallout poisoned the inhabitants of a small town.

Only four people survived the exposure to the radiation but they gained bizarre powers and became twisted both physically and mentally.

Fat Man, Little Boy and Black Betty, under the leadership of Mind Wave, formed The Children of the Atom, a radical group that initially sought to end the use of nuclear energy but eventually shifted their goals due to Mind Wave’s growing megalomania.

Mind Wave’s body has become atrophied and is now all but useless. His mind, on the other hand, has only grown. He now has vast psychic and telekinetic powers which more than make up for his lack of physical strength.

With a rampant ego growing alongside his brain, Mind Wave likes to think of himself as a mastermind. Despite being a hugely powerful psychic though, Mind Wave isn’t nearly as intelligent as he likes to believe. In fact Little Boy is the real brains of the operation. He is far more crafty than anyone realises. Mind Wave included. Little Boy often whispers his ideas to Mind Wave, who is so narcissistic that he often believes the ideas are his own. In fact it’s probably for the best that Mind Wave is being manipulated because without Little Boy pulling his strings, the reckless and impulsive Mind Wave may have caused another catastrophe.

Mind Wave

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