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My first character of 2018 has quickly become one of my favourite designs.


When aspiring journalist Brandon Washington received a cryptic message from what appeared to be a future version of himself, he learned that he was destined to save the universe. In order to do that though, he would have to trust in the enigmatic man known as The Red Brain.

The Brain, having witnessed the ever growing might of the military backed organization known as The Watchguard (Superstar, Aerial, Steel Spectre etc) the Brain grew convinced that he needed to form a civilian organization of meta-humans to combat people like the Watchguard, should they ever misuse their admittedly vast power. Rather than recruit from the existing community of heroes though, he decided to create his own via (admittedly illegal) genetic modification to unlock meta-human powers in a handful of volunteers whose genetic structure held the potential for meta-human powers. (More on those guys later)

Brandon was directed to the Red Brain by Professor Walter Wolfe, another individual who was contacted by the future version of Brandon, this time several decades earlier. Wolfe had apparently been instructed to help and guide the young Brandon but he didn’t entirely trust the Red Brain. The very fact that he called himself The Red Brain told Walter that the man was clearly insane so he instructed Brandon to lie about why he was really there. The less the Brain knew about the future, the better. Unfortunately the super intelligent Brain saw through Brandon’s lie almost immediately and Brandon blurted out the truth instead, much to the professors annoyance. The Red Brain was fascinated by the possibility that this young man had been contacted by his future self and was delighted to be a part in it all. He accepted Brandon into his program with open arms, thrilled at the possibility of learning more about time travel.

After going through the Brain’s procedure to unlock potential powers, Brandon was thrilled to learn that he could move at incredible speed (rather than the alternative of dying horrifically) and set about learning to use his new abilities. He was still very confused about how he was supposed to save the entire universe, however.

He wasn’t simply moving faster than everyone else though. He was actually slowing down time around him. The true extent of his powers became apparent to him when he accidentally threw himself back in time to 1864.

It took several weeks to figure out how but Brandon eventually returned to his own time, now with a better understanding of his own abilities.

Both Professor Wolfe and the Red Brain now try to guide the newly christened Chronicle as he undertakes not only the responsibility of his new powers but his apparent destiny to be the savior of the universe.

It would be a lot easier if the two old men would stop bickering though.


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