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Ok, last thing for the moment. Don’t have anything else planned or ready to go so… yeah.


Leigh and Lance Walker; twins born with powers thanks to the mysterious event known as The Moment. As twins their powers are identical, both are superhumanly strong and fast, with high stamina and excellent reflexes. They also have senses on par with a bird of prey, with sight so acute that either could spot a penny on the ground from the top of a skyscrapper and hearing powerful enough to pinpoint the sound of someone walking from two blocks away. They also appear to be highly resistant to impact damage and blunt force trauma and heal remarkably quickly, an adaptation that they have exploited by fashioning themselves wing suits, allowing them to glide from tall structures without incurring heavy injury upon landing. Taking up the bird theme, they fashioned themselves into Queen Eagle and King Hawk, twin protectors and two of the few superhumans who operate as vigilantes, outside of W.I.L.D’s supervision. By day both work at their fathers law firm as lawyers, hding their secret double lives from their father, who would undoubtedly disapprove.

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