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Very few people can openly walk in the world of both heroes and villains and not face any kind of backlash from one side or the other. Nightingale achieves this by offering medical services to those who need it but don’t want to risk going to a hospital.

Cyber offers an entirely different service. Knowledge.

There’s very little this information broker and hacker can’t find out for a price. She has rules, of course. Giving away someone’s secret identity or the location of a secret base is just bad for business and would only lose her customers but almost everything else is fair play as long as you can afford to pay her.

While many people would like to see Cyber come over to their side exclusively or just take her off the board entirely, most play by her rules. If they don’t, they not only risk Cyber’s wrath but face being ostracised by other members of the hero and villain community who realise that having a resource like Cyber on your side is far better than having her as an enemy.


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