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SRC Report
Name: Gabriel L’Angelo
Codename: None (Insists on being referred too only by his first name)
Age: [Unknown]
Height: 6.0ft
Weight: 162lbs
Bio: Mr. L’Angelo is somewhat of an enigma. He claims to be the Archangel Gabriel of Abrahamic religious origin and with his wings (which he can conceal on his arms in the form of a tattoo when not in the confines of the SRC base) and greater than human strength, speed, endurance and healing capabilities, it is hard to argue otherwise. However, there is little tangible concrete proof to back up his story, so it could be the case that he is just a mutate with delusions of granduer to match his abilities. Either way, his skill set and knowledge base make his a useful asset to the operation, he has extensive knowledge of supernatural phenomina pertaining to the afterlife (ghosts, poltergeists, zombies and demons to name a few) alongside his fluency in 9 different known languages (English, French, Italina, German, Spanish, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic and Latin) as well as some languages that he claims to be of either ancient or angelic origin, although there is no way to know for sure. But to complement his remarkable skillset, Mr. L’Angelo also has a rather obnoxious personality. He condems anything that does not agree with his world veiw (which includes two of his team-mates) and he has a way of annoying those who do not share his faith, even if he does mean well.
Azaria Thomas & Alex Finch: Mr. L’Angelo’s relationships with his team-mates can be divided into two categories, those he sees as “beyond salvation” and those he deems saveable. Ms. Thomas and Mr. Finch fall into the former category, seen as they are a half-demon and a magic user respectively and are as such seen as sinful. This proves especially frustrating when it comes to Ms. Thomas, who finds it very hard to perform her team leader role when one of her team members will outright ignore her and follow his own plans, whether they are viable or not. The two often butt heads over trivial matters, something which might naturally be expected if it weren’t for the fact they are meant to be working towards the same goal. As for Mr. L’Angelo and Mr. Finch, they have a somewhat antagonistic relationship due to their conflicting attitudes, but generally try to keep out of each others way.
Victoria Lewis & Tracy Samuels: As for his other team-mates, Mr. L’Angelo sees their conditions as being “not their fault” and, as such, is less antagonistic towards them. Ms. Samuels tends to avoid interaction with him whenever possible but there are no outward signs of any problems or conflict between the two, outside of Ms. Samuels distaste for Mr. L’Angelo’s treatment of Ms. Thomas. With Ms. Lewis however, Mr. L’Angelo appears to have a somewhat friendly relationship, though it should be noted that Ms. Lewis does not seem to be capable of having personal conflict with anyone. Ms. Lewis is apparently quite fascinated by the angel and he quite obviously enjoys the attention.

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