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A redesign of a character I originally made a loooooong time ago who was originally known as just Scorpion, because I’m bad at names.

Like Throwback and The Web, Jamie Rodriguez was a victim of experiments by Evolution Inc to create human animal hybrids. (More on Evolution Inc when I get around to doing another character)

Unlike Throwback and The Web, Rodriguez decided to use his new powers for personal gain, rather than helping others.

Sick and tired of being pushed around by others and desperate to make money to support his family, Jamie adopted the identity of Scorpion and, falling back on his army training, formed the mercenary group known as the Deathstalkers.

Scorpion and the Deathstalkers were never picky about the contracts they accepted and often found themselves on the wrong side of the law and battling the world’s masked heroes. Prowler and Dragonfly in particular seemed to come into contact with the mercenaries a lot and Scorpion developed a particular hatred for both.

The mercenaries had some success for a time until Jamie lost his tail in battle and decided to retire. It was time to focus on repairing the damage his life as Scorpion did to his family.

The former criminal and mercenary seemed to have legitimately gone straight for a number of years and was slowly putting his family back together. All signs pointed to the Scorpion being gone for good.

But Daniel Saint, a.k.a Static Buzz, a.k.a the practically all seeing eye of the superhero community these days, recently learned that Rodriguez’s former Deathstalker squad had all been found brutally murdered. Worse still, Rodriguez was now missing.

Static contacted his former partner Dragonfly, knowing that he had history with Rodriguez, and asked him to investigate. Dragonfly’s investigation led him to an old base the mercenaries used long ago. The base seemed to have been abandoned for years, save for it’s sole inhabitant, the re-scorpionized Rodriguez, who attacked Dragonfly on sight.

Now adopting the name of his fallen squad, the newly christened Deathstalker informed Dragonfly that he was going to hunt down whoever killed his friends and if the hero got in his way, he would die too.

Dragonfly now found himself in a race against time to find the killer before Deathstalker did, because if Rodriguez found them first, he may well do something that there was no coming back from.


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