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CDC- Winter is Coming

Upon the Nightmare Throne (in the realm of the same name) sit the greatest of the Kar’Sol, the Dark Deities. Erevel is the god of madness, trapped in the primeval sea at the beginning of time only to emerge dark, twisted, and mad. He is pallid, unable to bear bright light even now. With him sits his wife, Baria, nightmare goddess and creator of their realm. Daughter of the weaver of dreams, she saw Erevel for what he was and willingly joined him, taking the same corruption into herself. They share a deep bond of devotion to one another, sharing no affection for any other creature, not even their own children. A nexus of power hums gently behind their spiked double throne, ready to obey the will of it’s master and mistress in an instant. Few have ever stood before this throne, and fewer still return.

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