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Kinder- Hunter of the Fallen

Kinder, also known as Howling Storm, is the hunter of the fallen. An indian who was taken from his village by the Americans after his family was killed by fallen angels, the angels who have fallen from heaven, and turned into demon like monsters, killing anything resembling the light.


glove of storms- a glove, crafted by his father, and the traditional weapon of the warriors within his clans. it was once stolen by wolf pack in a fight over killing a man believed to be a fallen in disguise, yet it was eventually stollen back.

axe of hunter- an axe, wielded by the hunters of his clan. it resembles a baton, but it has two axe heads at the tip and a serrated blade at the back.  used for quick slashes without any recoil as well as easy fighting.

silver guns- his famed silver hand cannons. modeled after the guns the americans who took him from his village. these guns use silver bullets filled with powder that will stun anyone and seriously harm any fallen angle.

pouches of the storm- pouches worn on the belt, filled with special powders that when thrown at ones enemies will take different effects from blinding to amnesia to poison.

mask of the fallen- a mask built to protect ones face and mind… and be used as a disguise from the fallen… even used to walk among them.

Fire crackers of the birds- fire crackers used for distractions, lighting up dark places, and lighting things, or people, on fire. worn around the belt in four little tubes.

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