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Improved version of Bow Girl, who now has a name: Aznaa.

Story: Kaaxzth had managed to convince the court of Arbon that he was no longer evil. He lied, though. Days after his release he went right back to his old ways: stealing, murder, and other crimes. One day, when he was in the forest, he felt an arrow go threw his leg. He turned around and saw his arch nemesis and sister Aznaa.

“Couldn’t even wait a year, huh? You are getting worse.” Said Aznaa

“Please! Join me again! We would be the greatest thieves in Arbon!” Replied Kaaxzth.

“I am done with a life of crime. I have been for 2 years. My life with you still haunts me…” Said Aznaa “You are wanted dead or alive, Kaaxzth. This is the end for you.”

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