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Swift Wing

New to the hero game. John Wood was just an typical day to day guy who worked on aerodynamics for planes. After an accident one day during work when a new super thin carbon sheet was being placed on a new super fast jet it cut John on the upper arm. No big physical pain just a minor scratch. The sheet 0f carbon was no ordinary sheet it had been tested in radiational conditions to be able to produce super light flight so jets can travel at a extremely high speed.

The next Morning when he woke up he felt extremely light like his body mass didn’t even exist so he gave a little jump as an experiment just to see what would happen and as he jumped. He rocketed through the roof at super high speed he controlled him self to stop and looking down to see how high he had gotten from a single jump. With his new ability to fly at super fast speed he took this as a sign to start helping those in need just like superheros in the movies and comics. After weeks of practice with flying he took lessons in hand to hand combat training. Learning not that he can fly but can produce a forceful punch with great speed behind it. He was ready for the Streets as a crime fighter.

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