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Wolf Master

Ok here is a couple new villains and a couple new heroes i made.

Firstly is Acupuncture. Little is known about the villain’s background except that he was part of gang from when he was 14 to the age of 18, he quickly rose in the hierarchy of the gang due to his unique talents. He was arrested and was held in prison til when he was 21, him and a group of other super-powered criminal broke out. Shortly after him and many of the escapees formed a super villain team which they named the black circle. He was recently seriously injured while fighting the super-hero zealot, shortly after he reformed and became a superhero under his previous name, but is he truly reformed? Only time will tell. His powers allow him to grow metal spike out of any part of his body, most can grow to a maximum of about 50cm but he can project spike from his hands up to 70cm. He is also incredibly strong and can pull the spikes out and throw them though it causes him pain and discomfort.

Next up is Iron Raider. He worked for the same company as Blitz did and was too a genius engineer though not quite too his level. Shortly after he quit he found a blue-print for armour suit with laser projection abilities in blitz’s old desk. But he didn’t have the opportunity to contrast before was jailed when in a fit of rage he seriously injured his girlfriend. He escaped along with the escapees during the prison break at the hands of super-humans. He soon after constructed the suit and joined the super villain team the black circle under the name Iron Raider. His armoured suit allows him to fly and project lasers. It is resistant to most gunfire.

Tarox if one of the few members of the legendary legion that is not human. He originally came to earth in search of his exiled brother who would likely cause havoc where ever he went. When he landed he was confronted by the legendary legion and due to a misunderstanding fought with them. After being defeated he explained to them he meant no harm and was in search of his brother, the legendary legion helped him track down his brother and defeat him when he refused to give in peacefully. After safely locking him away in a space prison he felt he owed a dept to the team and offered to join them which they happily accepted.

Aurora was originally on an arctic expedition when received his powers. He was watching the lights when suddenly an object burst  through the atmosphere, hit the ground in front og=f him and sent him flying through the air. As he got up he saw what the object was, a black obelisk covered in glowing green symbols. He hesitantly walked towards and as he got close it opened revealing a pair of gauntlets inside. They began to glow and he reached out to touch them but the suddenly flew out and a attached them selves to his hands. As he struggled to remove they suddenly a blast of green energy burst of and melted deep into the ice. He couldn’t get them of so he returned to his ship. Eventually the came of but he kept them secret from the rest of the crew. He joined the legendary legion after he intervened in a gang war and revealed his talents to them. The gauntlets allow him to project cosmic energy and fly. They have also bonded to him and can’t be worn by anyone else unless he dies.

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