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Wolf Master
Wolf Master

My creative juices have been slightly lacking recently as has my spare time but here are a couple new creations.

First up is agent raven of the secret government organisation S.P.E.A.R (superhuman persons evaluation and assessment regiment). She joined the organisation after being approached; aged just 19, after her amazing skills in fighting both by hand and using weapons was recognized. It is not certain whether she has any true superpowers but she can learn new technique exceptionally quickly and is amazingly fit. She is equipped with nun-chucks; with can be electrified to stun the opponent, a retractable staff with various built in gadgets and a standard issue S.P.E.A.R uniform with is resistant to fire, small arms fire and electricity.

Next is Proteus a warrior from the far future. Before being sent back in time he was erased from time so his action in the past cannot create paradoxes because he technically doesn’t exist in the future. He was sent to learn the development of the human races and recognize there common mistakes and how they have evolved so they can be defeated in the future.

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