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Wolf Master

Heres a new hero for the legendary legion, Pulsefire. Aged 17 Pulsefire is the youngest member of the legandary legion and his immaturity often annoys some of the more serious members such as zealot. But in reality his immaturity is a mask to cover up his dark past. Pulsefire never new his parents; his father a drug dealer and his mother a prostitute, he grew up in an orphanage often abused by the uncaring owner. One day one of the his friends suffered a serious injury and ended up in hospital but the corrupt police force did nothing. Enraged he took matters into his own hands, he confronted the owner, who then struck him to the floor and said he would kill him if he told anybody.  His anger boiled up inside and suddenly a blast erupted from his hand sending the owner flying through the window and landing on the street below, he was paralyzed and Pulsefire was put in juvenile detention. He was later released when the scandal was unveiled when the corruption in the police force was rooted out. Soon after released he was approached by the the legendary legion who offered to help him learn to control his powers. He power allow him to project pulse blasts from his hands.

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