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Wolf Master

Recently i have taken a particular interest in Norse mythology. So i decided that my universe would meet the Norse gods.

When the overseer attacked earth the guardian was attempting to open a portal for reinforcements from a pocket dimension of his creation called Custodius. But after he was interrupted when opening the portal he instead opened up a portal to the realm of the Norse gods, several of the gods managed to get through and upon seeing the battle and be convinced to help, they  fought alongside the heroes of earth. After this a treaty was made between the two realm and a permanent portal was made at the legendary legion base so they could help each other if needed. Though the gods haven’t always seen eye to eye with mankind, they generally fight for the greater good and the god Baldur has even become a permanent resident of earth joining the legendary legion as a full member.

Who better to start with than Odin, so here he is with his spear Gungnir.

Odin being a god and all possesses incredible strength and is virtually immortal.  He also carries many enchanted artifacts with various enchantments.

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