CYOA Wednesday: Channel U – 2

Channel U

Greatings everyone, it is time again for our Wednesday Chose your Own Adventure feature. This week we once again visit the pages of Channel U. To Summarize things thus far, the Protagonist of our story has been sucked into the work of TV after chilling in front of his fathers company's new experimental television. There he was given the choice of three genres of programs to choose one to participate in, in order to be released back to the real world.  This is we came in. The results of last weeks poll has the Protagonist venturing into the depths of outer space in a Sci-Fi adventure.   After the Jump we will rejoin our schedules program, already in action!

So we choose to go Sci-fi in our last poll and thus we turn to page 15:

imageContinuing on to page 16

imageHmmm, A shuttle in distress and a large potentially hostile space ship, I wonder where this is heading?!? Onward to page 17

imageAnd now its up to us once again! Do we power up weapons and fight ? Or do we turn tail and run to live again another day ? Vote for your choice in the poll below and tell us your reasoning in the comment!

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