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New DC Comics superhero inspired by young Cree activist

Shannen Koostachin organized her fellow students in 2008 to lobby the government to replace temporary buildings with a new school in her community of Attawapiskat. She succeeded — but revelling in her victory was cut short, as she died in a car accident in 2010. Koostachin isn't far from cartoonist Jeff Lemure's thoughts in drawing up a new superhero for DC Comics.

A friend of mine posted this article on Facebook and I found it interesting and thought I’d share it.

“Deep Six” Cover Design

I am happy to announce the launch of Ian Thomas Healy’s latest “Just Cause” super-hero novel, “Deep Six“, featuring a cover design & illustration by yours truly. The book is a lot of fun and sure to be a hit with anyone who loves the genre.


Things I Like: Every Starship Ever On One Chart

Just found this on Facebook. Pretty awesome if you ask me. See how many you can name before you look up close.

(Massively down sized to fit on page)

Here’s a bigger version:

It’s a Wonder: The Voice Actors of DC Universe Online Speak Out


If you know this depiction of Wonder Woman, then you know Susan Eisenberg.

On Google+ I saw this very interesting article that DCUO ( DC Universe Online ) shared and I wanted to share it with you all!


Here is an excerpt:


This statement will reveal my impending old age to anyone that reads this, but here goes: to me, Lynda Carter will always be Wonder Woman. As a young child, I was obsessed with the television show in which she starred, and it was my introduction to the raven-haired Amazonian princess.

Alas, it is obviously time for me to let go of my childhood crush and admit the character has evolved since the days I watched a bespectacled Diana Prince twirl around and explode into her Wonder Woman disguise. And who better than Susan Eisenberg to take Carter’s place as my mental image of such a goddess? Eisenberg is the voice of Wonder Woman to modern audiences; she’s performed the role in Justice LeagueJustice League Unlimited, and Injustice: Gods Among Us.

She also inhabits the role in DC Universe Online, a game which takes its superheroes veryseriously, and as well it should. I approached Eisenberg and several of her colleagues, all of whom voice larger-than-life characters in SOE’s online role-playing game, to find out how they unleash their inner heroes and villains. When comic enthusiasts are so invested in a character, how much pressure is there to get it right? After all, superfans are known for being vocal about both their likes and their dislikes. Luckily, Eisenberg understands just how seriously she needs to take her role.

“There is always pressure to ‘get it right,’ “she says. “As I’ve said many times, playing her has been the biggest privilege of my career, so I always want to do her justice (pun intended). But with Wonder Woman and Diana, that’s the gift, too because there’s a built-in fan base which cares enormously for what you’re doing. And with social media, you’re able to communicate with them directly, which is a fabulous bonus! When I first recorded [the role] for DCUO, I couldn’t wait to share it with the fans because they’ve been with me since I started on Justice League in 2000.”


To read the full article just follow this link:


I’m Podcasted!

ep110I had my first ever audio interview with the great folks at “Creative Commoners”, in an episode airing today. We talked about all things HeroMachine, with featured shout-outs to Kaldath, Hammerknight, DiCicatriz, MSchute, and more. I hope you check it out and if you do, please let me know what you think. It turns out talking about yourself for an hour is pretty intimidating, but luckily the hosts were all funny, kind, and professional and I ended up having a really good time.

Character Of The Week- 7th Sept

This week, I’m going to look at one of Trekkie’s newest creations, Bolt.

9: 7 Trekkie- Bolt


The main reason I chose this is the colouring. It is simple but very effective, especially when combined with the shading. By combining the orange for the shading and the white for highlighting, Trekkie has achieved an unusual effect which half reminds me of highlighter colour. The best example of this on the mask, where it is accentuated by the excellent shading on the face, however the shading done on the black areas of the costume also illustrate this well (see the abdominal area).

Another great thing about this piece is the costume design. To start with we have the excellent detailing on the abdomen with the two yellow areas, made, I believe (but Trekkie will have to confirm this) with insignias and on the lower one, possibly, a piece of leg wear (but this is only a guess, judging by how I would do the same thing). We also have the boots and the dress item cape, which you get the impression links up to the back of the shoulder design of the costume.

The final part that makes this design work so well is the background. Firstly there is the contrast between the bright yellows and dark blacks on the costume against the duller purples of the background square and mid-range blues of the stars, which help the character stand out. Then you have the fact that the stars overlap the square, going onto the plain white default background, which breaks up the boarders and gives the viewer a more interesting visual than just a clean straight line.

Things I Like: ChasingArtwork

Don’t worry, I’m not about to spring a new random blog topic on everyone. This is only a one off thing because I feel this needs to been shown. There’s this guy on DeviantART called ChasingArtwork who does some of the most amazing mech characters I’ve ever seen. But the best thing is he does redesigns of things like Assassins Creed, The Avengers, Alien and the three below which are my faves. You can check his stuff out here:

Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtles (a.k.a: Turtle Tech)


Batman + Villains (Gotham Gears)

Yeah, I know it’s got nothing to do with Heromachine, but oh well.

Character Of The Week- 17th August

When looking for a subject to cover in character of the week I always try to find something different, someone who I haven’t covered before or even recently. However, this week it seems I have been unable to do so, due to the fact Jeimuzu exists and is doing stuff like this on a constant basis.

8: 17 Jeimuzu-Dandelion


There are lots of things that caught my eye about this creation in particular, starting with the costume, which is kooky to say the least. I love the hat and the leaves coming out of the sleeves, which both tie in with the characters name; Dandelion. She certainly has a unique style, much like her creator.

The colours used enhance the character brilliantly, only needing three (major) colours for the costume and two for the body/ hair. The costume colours were well chosen to tie in with the name and costume, with the main focus being on the yellow, which alongside the green of the leaves and leggings and the orange of her hair, gives the character a very vibrant feel.

The face was the next thing to catch my eye. Very nicely understated and quite pretty, she looks like the kind of girl you could expect to see dressed in that fashion at some sort of anime convention. She doesn’t look aggressive or overtly sexual (which seem to be the two main categories for super heroines), she looks relaxed, which would certainly be unnerving and strange for anyone facing her.

Finally the pose, which has a very nice movement to it. The fact that she is not really running, but more skipping towards her next adventure adds to the quirkiness of the design. Again, it gives the impression of relaxation around the character, that she’s not really worried about having to do all the super heroics, which I think is a nice way to look at it.

Character Of The Week- 27th July

Once again on Character Of The Week, I’m going to feature an image rather than a character (still Character Of The Week sounds better than Image Of The Week). This week we’ll look at this image by the brilliant Moognation.

Now, whilst it might be taken almost directly from a series of images that did their rounds on the internet about a year ago, I felt I had to feature it because it’s just so awesome. The feeling behind it is tangible, if you haven’t ran around with some sort of towel or sheet wrapped around your neck like a cape I think you might be on the wrong site. This picture captures that childhood fantasy perfectly. The pose is right on the money and the proportions are near perfect (which is hard when doing children on heromachine). How Moog did the grass is very inventive, using the bunch of flowers in ItemsRight- Misc, it works very well in silhouette as representing the wild grass on the side of a hill.

The most striking part of this image is the colours. The fact that the majority of the picture is either in greyscale or silhouette makes the yellow, orange and purple of the sunrise stand out even further. And the inclusion of those three colours provides the picture with a feeling of warmth even though the picture is mostly dark and dull greys and black.

Finally, something I wouldn’t usually highlight, the title. It sounds somewhat familiar but I can’t quite place my finger on what. Either way it fits the picture perfectly, which is hard when titling non-character based pictures, and I can just imagine myself saying that when I used to play superheroes as a kid.

Overall, one of the best silhouettes I’ve ever seen in heromachine and, Moog, I hope you do more than just the two you’ve done so far, they are excellent.

Character Of The Week- 20th July

For this week’s character of the week we’ll take a look at Torog’s Brain-Bot-3.0.

The thing that attracted me to this is the attention to detail used when constructing the subject. This is especially prevalent around the centre of the picture, the rocket mechanism made from the glove and shoulder items. The masking here really works, sometimes masking to join two items together can leave a mismatched line along the join, but here there doesn’t appear to be one.

Also, the design is very well thought out, it looks like it could conceivably be used in either a comic or a sci-fi movie. The item choices work well together and nothing seems out of place. There is also a menacing quality to the machine, having no face (the essential part of the anatomy for human interaction, without it there is no emotion, something which is inherently unnerving to us) as well as the large, fearsome looking claws, which, coupled with the non-humanoid body structure, suggests something alien and antagonistic.

The final thing I like about this piece is how it is finished. The colour choices for the body  help the menacing aura, being dark and dingy. This is nicely juxtaposed against the bright and brilliant flame from the booster, although this may have been enhanced if there was some sort of reflective glow on the adjacent bodywork. Finally, the shading is very effective, especially on the claws and head. There are still some bits that could have been shaded where they aren’t, but there is a very good contrast between light and dark, especially as the dark seems to be more prevalent on the main body whilst the light is more noticeable on the extremities, such as the head, booster and claws.