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Kaldath’s Corner: Review – SCANDAL “Take Me Out”

EDIT - I replaced the video with a version that has english subtitles

Hello Folks, It's me Kaldath with my first true post here in what seems forever. I am still not 100% and will not be returning full time for some time yet however I am feeling reasonably well today, at least while under the effects of my pain killers so I figured since my favorite band "SCANDAL"  just dropped a new video for their latest single  "Take Me Out" that i'd do a quick review.

First let me share the video. The only place I could find it at the moment was on the SCANDAL Heaven Facebook page which you can watch below:

Well now for the review.  At first I didn't think I was going to like this song because it starts out feeling way to "popish" for my tastes, but it quickly grew on me especially at around the 1 minute mark when the pace and sound transform to a more standard SCANDAL rock sound. I haven't yet seen an english translation for the song and my own poor japanese is no where near ready to try and translate it especially with my most recent medical issues disrupting my study so I have no idea what they are saying and don't know what the girl performing martial arts in the middle of a bust tokyo street has to do with the song but I have to say the visuals are very nice indeed! Speaking of visuals I have to take a moment to say that I think Mami's hair ( the lead guitar player ) looks fantastic in this video with her current dye job but I kind of question the rest of her fashion sense as I think she does not look all that flattering in the ultra baggy clothes she is wearing.

Back to the Song. While I enjoy Haruna's voice and her singing is superb I find myself disappointed that they are continuing to follow the trend from their last album "Yellow" of focusing on her as the only "lead" singer instead of the more typical format of sharing the singing with Tomomi and occasionally Mami. All four ladies in the band are excellent singers and though like I said I enjoy Haruna's singing I would like to hear more from the others, Especially Tomomi ( I just adore Tomo's voice ) . In the end I have to give "Take Me Out" a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. It is an enjoyable song with a nice video but not quite up to their old music in my book!

Kaldath’s Corner: The Hamster himself on becoming the Joker!

Greetings Fellow Machiners!

Welcome to another addition of Kaldath's Corner. This week I stumbled across a bit of video on youtube I thought I'd share with you all for your entertainment. Now this isn't new as it was originally posted something like 4 or 5 years ago and many of you may have seen it already like I already had, but I felt it worth another watch. With that being said I present to you a little history on Mark Hamill obtaining the roll to voice the Joker on Batman: TAS as present by the Hamster himself!

Kaldath’s Corner: Voltron Remake on Netflix

When I was a kid one of my all time forvorite TV shows was Voltron Defender Of the Universe, Well I saw this trailer today on Youtube today and it has gotten me fairly intrigued!!

I must say that on June 10th I will likely be finding myself binge watching some Voltron Legendary Defender!

JReviews: Yo Kai Watch

Hey guys, JR here. Ok, now I know this game has been out in Japan for years (3 to be precise) and out in America since November, but it was only released in the UK last month and I've just finished the main storyline, so I'm going to do a quick review of the game, because I can. There may be some minor spoilers ahead.

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Kaldath’s Corner: Babymetal react to Youtuber’s React to Babtmetal

I couple years ago the Fine Brother which are on youtube did a video Youtuber's react to Babymetal. That video is how I discovered Baymetal and began my  fandom of the group. Well Recently the Fine Brothers have Babymetal in their studio and had them react to that video, the result is this:


A Taste Of Japan: May 2016 Tokyo Treat Small Box

Hello fellow machiers. Yesterday I made a post inquiring weather you all would be interested in an unboxing and taste test of the Tokyo Box subscription and while there were not a huge number of replies, what replies I did get indicated some interest and since my first box arrived today I shot a video along with my Roommate April for your enjoyment.

If you enjoyed this video let me know and I will do more each moth as the new boxes come in.

Worf Reviews – Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

B v S


Hello Gents, Worf here.  For those that do not know me, I`m a long time follower of the blog and ocasional contestant.  Today I'm going to give you my 2 cents (it is kinda long so maybe it's more like my 2 dollars) on Batman v Superman. The first part will be spoiler free (Well assuming you've seen a trailer or two and have not been living under a rock for the past year) and I'll let you know when to stop reading if you don't want spoilers.

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Kaldath’s Corner: Album Review – Babymetal: Metal Resistance

metal resistance


The new Album By Babymetal, "Metal Resistance" dropped today and Of course as a fan I am going to review it! .... See you after the Jump!

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Kaldath’s Corner: Supergirl x The Flash!

A quickie little Kaldath's Corner here to let everyone know that on March 28th our favorite speedster The Flash as played by Grant Gustin will be making a guest appearance on SuperGirl on March 28th!

Kaldath’s Corner: Scandal – “Yellow” Album Review


Well folks I am certain you are all getting tired of hearing about my love of Japanese J-Rock and of Scandal in particular, but this is my pizza party and I will fanboi if I want too!!

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