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The most outstanding, remarkable, and downright beautiful pieces of art created with HeroMachine. Browse and be inspired to create your own and one day you, too, might find your illustrations enshrined here.

Hall Of Fame: Manhunter by Candruth


3rd Place 2015 Hall Of Fame Poll

Hall Of Fame: Heavy Unit Turtle Shell v2 by Extremely Epic


4th Place 2015 Hall of Fame Poll

Hall Of Fame – Ams vs Nugs by Ams and Nugarius

Nominated by Linea24


Hall Of Fame – Super Mom Takes Flight – By Nugarius

Nominated by JR19759


Hall Of Fame – Hurricane by Cliff

Nominated By Jeff Hebert



Hall Of Fame – It Comes From Fire By AMS

Nominated By Jeff Hebert


Hall Of Fame – Blue Belle by Tracy111

Nominated By Jeff Hebert


Thundersong- The Moon Represents My Heart

117 Thundersong- The Moon Represents my Heart

HeroMachine Hall Of Fame Nominations

Greeting fellow Machiners, I would like to announce open nomination for the HeroMachine Hall Of Fame! Like last year I will be entering 10 new  entries into the hall of fame. The winner of JR's Hero of the Year polls, then I will be entering one selection by myself, Jeff and the rest of the moderation staff. Now I want you our great heromachine community members to tell me what heromachine creations you would like to be entered into the Hall Of Fame. Nomantions will be open until December 24th, Christmas eve. At that point I will put all the nomination we have received into a single poll where the 4 ( possibly more should any of the mods fail to select an entry ) with the most votes will win entry into the Hall Of Fame.

I would like to say that you are allowed to nomination any pure heromachine creation ( meaning it has to have been created completely using heromachine. ) even one of your own, though I would prefer you nominate someone other then yourself. You are also allowed to nomation people outside of the HeroMachine community proper ( the blog and forums ) such as Deviants Arts, Instagram etc. So long as you have the permission of the heromachine artist in question as they may not wish their art to be displayed on this site. Finally all nominations must be in line with the rules of our community especially the rules on copyright.

Hall Of Fame: Malai

Malai by Candruth