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Creating A Character 2: Finding Inspiration

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a new source of inspiration for a particular project. I find that happens both as a writer and an artist. (I use the term “artist” loosely, since I haven’t really drawn anything since HeroMachine 2 came out…) But there is inspiration waiting for you everywhere you look, if you just… [ Read more … ]

The Mechanics of Creation 1: A DamienBlog

Jeff said I could start ANOTHER weekly column if I wanted, and I think this one is closer to the idea of what he wanted me to do in the first place anyway. So I give you Mechanics of Creation, an in-depth look with pretty pictures of how to do some really amazing things with… [ Read more … ]

Creating a Character, Part 1: Thought Processes

Now that I’ll be more visible, I think I should do something worthwhile. So I’ll be posting an occasional article or something on various subjects, and today’s is on character creation in Hero Machine. Now, just in case anyone wonders how I’m qualified to do that, let me tell you that I have half(ish) an… [ Read more … ]

Damien the Editing Widget had arrived!

(I’m happy to welcome the first guest contributor to the site, the guy you’ve known as Damien who puts together those wild and crazy characters. I’m delighted to have him on board helping out and hope you’ll welcome him with open arms! — Jeff) You all know me as Damien, and I’ve been hanging around… [ Read more … ]