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The winning prizes for all HeroMachine challenges.

HM3: Frankenarm

Frankie had a loooooong outstanding prize request from before I was really doing regular contests, and he finally cashed in. I dub thee "Frankenarm". It can now be found in Tops-Female-Spandex. Why there instead of Female Gloves? Because like a moron I haven't done female gloves yet, a project that now has moved to the top of my list. And I didn't put it in hands because Frankie indicated he didn't want to be able to put items in it, but would rather be able to mask other items onto it (those are two mutually exclusive things, by the way). Thus, Frankenarm:

HM3: Female 3/4 Leg

AMS' final prize in his magical mystery win-a-palooza tour over the last few months is a three quarter view female leg, now available in Body-Female-Standard:

I went ahead and broke it into three items -- the whole leg, just the thigh, and just the lower leg.

HM3: Vase

Apparently I promised Kytana a vase in addition to her treasure chest, so I've just updated ItemRight-Miscellaneous with this one:

HM3: Side view fist

I forgot that I had posted AMS' prize for winning Character Contest 84, available now in Hand-Female-Standard:

HM3: Myro

I've just added Myro's portrait to the Head-Winners set as his prize for winning Caption Contest 116. Now you can make your very own Super Myro!

HM3: Satyr leg

I've just added a satyr leg to the Body-Monster set for Cliff's Character Contest 86 victory:

Cliff, I know you wanted three separate pieces, but generally I do my best to keep prizes to one item. Hopefully this will work for you.

HM3: Batik pattern

I've just added the following Batik pattern to "Patterns-Standard" as alvacascus' prize for winning Character Contest 78. If you don't see it, clear your browser cache and try again.

I cleaned up those over-run black bits as well in the final version, after this screen capture was taken. Enjoy!

HM3: Bootylicious

I've just added Kytana's prize for winning Character Contest 82 into ItemRight-Miscellaneous:

I had big plans for doing an open version, and then the open version being broken into separate top pieces and bottom pieces, but when I opened the set I realized I'm almost out of room in it. So I had to go with just the closed iteration you see here.

HM3: Kirbylicious

AMS requested some Kirby-like energy effects for the hands, as seen in the recent "Gunner" sketch I did, for his Character Contest 80 prize. It is now available in the "ItemRight-Energy" set in two flavors, one with a clear central area and one with a filled central area. I also dropped in some new spell effect types of rings I've been meaning to add. Enjoy!

I tried to set that last one up so it's kind of like smoke, if you ramp down the transparency and turn off the line color.

HM3: Military chevrons

I've just updated the ShoulderRight-Standard set of items to include separate shoulder boards, chevrons, and rockers so you can do military ranks. They should all fit together so you can do multiple rockers & chevrons over a board to do various ranks.

This is the prize for Skybandit's win in the last Character Contest, by the way.