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The winning prizes for all HeroMachine challenges.

META: Prizes

With the release of the Steampunk Bracelet, I am now completely caught up on "named" prizes! Well, except for a gun for Gene that's currently in limbo awaiting approval from the original artist.

Here are the people who have won a contest but who have not yet claimed either a specific prize or a "next item up" donation:

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HM3: Steampunk bracelet

Mad Doctor's prize for winning the last Pop Quiz is now up in GloveRight-Standard:

HM3: Hoodies

I've just updated the Headgear-Modern set with the following hoodies:

The first is FRM's prize for winning Pop Quiz 5. The other two are from the most excellent dblade, just because he's awesome. Be sure to drop him a "thank you" in the comments!

FRM, I still owe you a second Pop Quiz prize.

HM3: Umbrella

I've just uploaded Dan's prize for winning Caption Contest 120 to the "ItemRight-Miscellaneous" set:

HM3: More Vehicles

Man, it's a busy posting day here at HeroMachine Central. I didn't want to go too long, though, without telling you about an update I worked through this weekend. I've just added the following items to "Companion-Vehicles":

The first image there of the bicycle was the genesis of the additions, Nick Hentschel's prize for winning Caption Contest 113. I know there are now two VW Bugs but come on, there are a lot of Hippie characters out there who need wheels, man!

I'm probably most excited about the locomotive for some reason and the car with the undercarriage showing. I think that will be a nice one for strong characters holding it over their heads.

Enjoy! As usual, if you don't see the new items, clear your browser cache.

HM3: New mask

I've just updated Headgear-Mask with TOOL's "Friday Night Fights 3" consolation round prize:

Note that color2 is the skull/torn up paint sort of stuff, so if you want just a pure mask in the general outline you can make color2 transparent.


Note that this means my only two outstanding "named" prizes are a ten-speed bike for Nick Hentschel and an open umbrella for Dan. Then it's on to the replacement prizes and I will be caught up, finally!

Friday Night Fights 3 Grand Prize

DiCicatriz and I have finished work on his prize for being the overall Friday Night Fights 3 champion. It's a duo of his original characters, Wraith and Howl. Here they are in black and white (click to embiggen any of these):

And here they are in color:

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HM3: Goggle mask

I've just uploaded Trekkie's prize for winning Character Contest 88 to Headgear-Mask:


HM3: Cybertaur

Kaldath's prize for winning one of the Consolation Rounds in the last Friday Night Fights was a cyborg centaur body, now available in Body-Monster:

HM3: Thumbs up!

I've just added Myro's prize for winning Pop Quiz 6 to HandRight-Standard and HandRight-Female. In addition, as long as I was in there I went ahead and added the side-view fist to HandRight-Standard as well. Note that the female thumbs-up is redrawn to look more feminine for hers. Getting the item masking right on this one was tricky, so let me know how items mask to the hands.