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The winning prizes for all HeroMachine challenges.

CDC #368 – Team Building – Part 8 – Prize for Ubiquitous Pixel

Pixel's original...

My version...

Hope you approve. Thanks again for entering. Cheers!

CDC #367 – Team Building – Part 7 – Prize for RobM

I am learning so much by doing these prizes each week. Plus it has gotten me back into Machining. Thanks so much folks. So for this week...

RobM's original Stormwing...

My take...

Hope you like it man! Cheers!

CDC #367 – Team Building – Part 6 – Prize for Lady Amaranth

Lady Amaranth's original...

My take...

Hope you like it, and thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

CDC #366 – Team Building – Part 5 – Prize for RobM

RobM's original...

My take...

Hope you like it, and thanks for entering!

CDC #365 – Team Building – Part 4 – Prize for Ubiquitous Pixel

Ubiquious Pixel's New Manx

My version of the original Manx. I thought that making the mentor a female would open up a lot of possibilities story wise. Hope you don't mind.



Full of hot air

For a long-outstanding prize request, I've just uploaded the following item to Companion-Vehicles:


Special Contest Prize for Lime — an Aurochs!

Lime requested an aurochs to be added to Companion-Standard as her prize for winning the Special Character Design Contest for my friend JJ Baskin. And here it is, available now!


Thanks again to all who entered and thanks to Lime!

Character Design Contest ♯54 (Flying) Winner

The winner of this weeks CDC poll was none other than RobM for his Jet Dynamo Go. Congratulations Rob, if you wish to claim a prize I believe dblade is offering custom items to CDC winners.

54 RobM-JetDynamoGo-1

Moognation Prize

I'm starting to work on the five winning prizes from Character Design Challenge 100. The idea here is that I will use their image as the basis of an illustration. It isn't necessarily to recreate the image they made, or to redraw it, but to do something inspired by it. After all the originals are already kick-ass, I don't know that I could really improve them at all.

First up is the number one vote-getter, Moognation's "Ninja". To refresh your memory, here it is again:

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Pinky and the thang

Marquis Samedi requested a hand held flat and seen from the pinky side for his Character Contest 93 victory. I went ahead and threw in another hand based on the same reference photo he sent for a twofer since he's awesome. And so am I. And so is ice cream.

These two items are now available in Hand-Right-Standard.