Character Design Challenges

Character Design Contest ♯132- One Shot with One Slot

Ok guys, last week I gave you freedom to pretty much do anything you wanted. This week is going to be much the same. However, you can only use items from one category for your entry. For example, you could only make a picture using items from the Items-Right category, or you could make a… [ Read more … ]

Character Design Contest ♯131- All In One

Considering we’ve had a months worth of contests covering posing, costume, faces/ hairstyles and backgrounds, what’s the logical next step? That’s right, all of them together! So, that’s you challenge this week. Your entry must include a non-standard posed character with an interesting costume, face and/or hairstyle and there must also be a background. Simple… [ Read more … ]

Character Design Contest ♯130- You’re backgrounded

The title should give a pretty decent idea of what’s going on with this contest. Simple, create a great background. You cannot include any characters in your entry, it’s only the scenery I’m interested, so not even people in the background are allowed. Other than that, you have free rein as to what sort of… [ Read more … ]

Character Design Contest ♯129- Heads Up

Ok, so this week, your focus in this challenge shall be heads, with particular focus on faces and hair. Now, a few additional rules for this weeks contest shall be in place, as with last week. No Masks or Hats, obviously, as that sort of defeats the whole point of the challenge, though hair accessories and… [ Read more … ]

Character Design Contest ♯128- Dressed To Impress

Of course, I am making a habit of having costume design contests on an annual basis, so this is going to be this years. However, to make it a bit different, I would like to ask that you only focus on the costume, at the expense of everything else. Some slight posing is allowed if… [ Read more … ]

Character Design Contest ♯127- What a bunch of posers

Ok, starting this week, I’m going to do a series of challenges for you guys, to really test your skills with the ‘machine. And we’re going to kick of with a challenge centred around posing. We did this sort of challenge a while back, so everyone should know the drill. You cannot use the standard face-forward… [ Read more … ]

Character Design Contest ♯126- Contest Again

Ok, I’m gonna try something a bit out there this week. One of the main rules I ask people to follow for these contests is do not enter something you have entered into a previous contest. However, this week I am actively encouraging you to, if not break the rule, certainly bend it into new… [ Read more … ]

Character Design Contest ♯125- Two Great Tastes

Ok, let’s do a theme we haven’t done in a while. For anyone who hasn’t done a TGT challenge before, basically the idea is to take bits from two genres and mash them together to create a character. For example you could mash Sci-Fi and Western up to make a cyborg cowboy. In previous TGT… [ Read more … ]

Character Design Contest ♯124- JR’s 100th

Eeyup. Today marks the 100th CDC that has occurred under my supervision since I was made a moderator and blog author for the site over 2 years ago. Hopefully you’ve all enjoyed the madness that ensued, it’s certainly been fun for me. And considering it’s a milestone, I’m gonna celebrate. So, the idea is; just… [ Read more … ]

Character Design Contest ♯123- All Winners Squad

So guys, for this weeks contest, I wish for you to turn your attention to a section of Heromachine 3 that falls under the Heads category. It is titled simply “Winners” and contains the faces of some of the great and good of the Heromachine community of the past and present, including our great and… [ Read more … ]