Nerdmudgeon Podcast: Guardians of the Galaxy!

Nerdmudgeon: Earth's Mightiest Podcast!

Join me and my buddies John and David as we ruminate on "Guardians of the Galaxy", and whether it stands the test of time now that the initial arc of the MCU is complete!

While DC couldn't decide if they wanted to make a Wonder Woman movie for decades, Marvel said "Gun-crazed racoons? Talking trees? Space dance-offs!? ... SIGN US UP!". And spoiler alert, it totally worked!

If you get a chance to drop by and give us a listen, we sure would appreciate it. Thanks!

2 Responses to Nerdmudgeon Podcast: Guardians of the Galaxy!

  1. The Atomic Punk says:

    Another great review! Yes, the real star of the movie is the soundtrack. It set the tone and even the direction of the story arc. As for the tension between Star-Lord and Gamora? It developed quickly because of their losses. Pete wants to fill a void. Gamora wants to avoid being hurt so much that she draws him in. Casting was great, voice acting was sublime, story made the audience care, and Celestial head.

  2. AFDStudios says:

    I always enjoy your comments, thank you Atomic Punk!