CDC #426 – Team Building – Volume 2 – Part 14

The premise of this contest is that over the next number of weeks we will build a team of superheroes and a team of villains. Each week I will supply you with a role, name, or list of powers of one of the team members and you will use HM3 to create the character. The winner each week will win a version of their character created on HM by yours truly.

Your challenge this week is to design the villain teams second to last member – Wildfire.

Besides the design you must also come up with Wildfire’s “aka”, background and the list of his or her powers.

Please follow the instructions below regarding the naming of entries.

Enter as often as you like!

Rules for posts, contests, and challenges: Original characters only, no copyrighted characters, no characters based on copyrighted characters, no characters based on RPG’s or other games. The characters must be your own design and not based on any character that might be copyrighted in any way. Please keep all submissions PG13: full or partial nudity is prohibited. I have the right to delete any post that I believe crosses this line without warning. Only post characters that have been created solely using Hero Machine, and that you know for certain have never been entered in a contest before. If you aren’t certain, don’t enter it, because I’m not going to go back through all of the contests and check.

All entries must be in JPG or PNG form (BMPs are too big), posted to a publicly accessible website (like the HeroMachine :,ImageShack, Deviant Art or whatever);Do not use Photobucket.

  • Entries must be made as a comment or comments to this post, containing a link directly to the image and the character name;
  • No copyrighted characters please – they will be deleted.
  • Please name your filesas [your name]-[character name].[file extension] before you upload it. So DiCicatriz, for instance, would save his “Bayou Belle” character image as DiCicatriz-BayouBelle.png.

Please make the link go directly to the image (like this) and not to a hosting jump page (like this).

This contest will close at 9am Eastern on Sunday, August 18th.

14 Responses to CDC #426 – Team Building – Volume 2 – Part 14

  1. Avatar Scott Weyers says:

    Real Name: Gulshan Khadem
    Aliases: None
    Identity: Secret
    Ethnicity: Arabic (Iranian)
    Affiliation: None
    Occupation: Freelance Adventurer/Mercenary
    Unusual Features: None
    Citizenship: International Fugitive, originally Iranian
    Classification: GenCaste (Mutant)
    Marital Status: Single
    Government Status: Criminal record
    Base of Operations: Unknown
    Home World/Universe: Earth X-1

    Powers / Skills:
    Ability to shoot flames from her hands in various types (spheres, bolts, jets)
    Can shroud her entire being in flame to acts as limited shielding
    Energy/flame assisted jumps of up to 100 meters
    Immune to extremes in temperatures
    Toughened skin
    Speaks fluent English, Farsi and Persian

    Background / History:
    Born in Tabriz, Iran
    When her powers manifested during puberty, the hue of her skin took on a bluish-white coloring, her entire eyes a light shade of purple. She unintentionally began causing numerous small fires everywhere she went. Aisha’s parents panicked, how were they to keep these hidden from the authorities while their daughter struggled to control them. A hijab wouldn’t work because she burnt right thru them. Rather than risk being discovered, her parents opted to flee to Europe where mutants were some what more accepted.

    Unfortunately they were betrayed, their small refugee convoy fleeing towards the Turkish border was ambushed by government forces. Everyone but Gulshan was killed and she was taken prisoner.

    It was while a prisoner that she was trained to control and use her abilities. In time her ‘captors’ got sloppy and underestimated her new found skills. She incinerated the compound and fled, vowing to fight against any and all authority.

    Gulshan’s body produces a biological, liquid substance similar to natural gas. She has a completely separate distribution system within her body and a specialized organ where here appendix would normally be that creates the ‘bio-gas’.

    She is able to secrete the ‘bio-gas’ out thru specialized pores in her skin, with large concentrations in the palms of her hands, the bottoms of her feet and her face/head. With a bit of concentration on her part the ‘bio-gas’, when exposed to the air can be ignited and used by Gulshan for various purposes.

    Gulshan has joined various criminal organizations in her travels, never staying any one place to long. She generally disdains much clothing other than a specialized ‘bikini’

  2. G. W. G. W. says:

    Real Name: Henry Victor

    Age: 15

    Hometown: Chicago, IL

    Powers: Fireproof, can throw fireballs, can turn all or part of body into pure flame, super speed/strength/endurance when in flame mode.

    Weakness: The longer he stays in flame mode, and the more of his body in flame mode, Henry loses more and more control over himself.

    When Henry was 8 years old, his parents died in a tragic car accident, and he was sent to live with his uncle. Unfortunately, his uncle hated him, and was verbally and physically abusive. One day, when Henry was 15, his uncle tried to rid himself of Henry once and for all. He pretended to leave for work, when in fact he actually just went outside the house and started a fire in an attempt to kill Henry. As he was about to die, Henry saw a strange, glowing being in the flame (the truth behind the being is still unknown). He was strangely drawn toward it, and reached out to touch it. He passed out, but was otherwise completely unharmed when firefighters found him buried beneath the rubble of his uncle’s house.

    In the hospital room, after he had awoken, his uncle came in feigning sympathy. In that moment, Henry realized exactly what had happened, and in a fit of rage, confronted his uncle. To his surprise, he reached his hand toward his uncle, and his hand burst into flame, setting his uncle on fire. Panicking, and realizing that he was entirely engulfed in flame, Henry ran through the hospital, accidentally killing many people in the process. He ran as far as he could, eventually jumping into lake Michigan in an attempt to extinguish himself. When he returned to himself, he went into hiding.

    Penniless and alone, Henry was living in the streets of Chicago, stealing what he could and avoiding the cops and other authorities best he could. He planned to get away from the city as soon as he could to avoid arrest. It was December. In a dark alley, Henry held his arm ablaze in an attempt both to warm himself and to heat up a couple of hot dogs he had stolen. Suddenly, He was approached by the strangest group he had ever seen: Two beings, one seemingly made of smoke, the other of glass, a giant lizard man, a robotic spider, a woman who appeared to be a stripper of some sort, a young man who seemed at most a few years older than himself, and, somehow both the most normal and the most peculiar of all, a man in a crudely made Egyptian mask.

    As soon as he first saw the young man, Seth knew he was seeing someone who was very powerful, very dangerous, and, if he acted quickly, very easy to manipulate. He put on an act of sympathy, listening to Henry’s story, dubbing him “Wildfire,” and bringing him into the team. Although his sympathy began as a ruse, Seth grew to develop a soft spot for the young man, as did many other members of the team.

    As for Henry, he was just glad to feel accepted for the first time in years. He didn’t realize or even really care that he was being manipulated, or that he was with the bad guys. Although Guanlong still creeped him out.

    I chose the backstory that I did after realizing that all but one of the villain team members thus far is in it for personal gain, with Seth being in it to promote a political ideology. Even Smoke and Mirrors, who have a bit of a vengeance story, are still in it at least partially for the money. For that reason, I wanted to introduce a character to the team who would be at least somewhat sympathetic.

  3. Avatar kellkin says:


    Real name: Zander Benning

    Zander wasn’t like any of the other kids, he was always “different”. His parents sheltered him, and didn’t let him go far from the house. He was home schooled, and kept to himself. He didn’t have many friends, and the ones he did have he could never tell them his secret. Zanders powers manifested at a young age. He spent his youth burning and setting fire to bugs and insects on his driveway. On day he accidently set fire to the front lawn, and his father gave him a severe beating. Scared and defending himself, he grabbed his fathers arm, giving him a 3rd degree burn. That day he was 16, he left, and never went back. Living on the street he did what he had to survive. But having pyrotechnic powers gave him an edge. Nobody messed with him. On the streets he became known as “WILDFIRE” for his wild temper, and fire starting. Through the years he commited crime to get whatever he wanted, and no one could stop him.

    He is a Pyrokinetic… he can manifest fire and ignite anything, or anyone he desires. He can shoot fire/flames from his hands, and make his entire body fire. He is able to fly, and is impervious to water.
    When he becomes enraged, he can raise his temperature to the point he becomes Plasa, and melt any material. In his Plasma state, he can shoot lightning, Plasma balls, and make solar flares.

    WILDFIRE normal…

    WILDFIRE Plasma state…

  4. Avatar NerdAndProud says:

    Here’s my version: and Headshot view:

    Name: Wildfire
    Real Name: Sara Ignacio
    Ethnicity: American-born Hispanic
    Age: 23
    Abilities: Pyrokinesis (Manipulating Fire), Pyromutation (Making Fire larger/stronger), Pyrogenisis (Creating Fire), and Pyroimmunity (Not hurt by fire)
    Bio: When Sara Ignacio was 18, her family was killed by gangs. For years all she wanted was justice, but nobody would help her. Gang violence was seemingly ignored by the media, and the event happened too long ago for any real proof to be identified. This caused anger and hate to swell inside her. Over the years she changed drastically. She turned to drugs and alcohol, not being kind to herself at all. She shaved most of her brown hair and died the rest black. She was obsessed with finding the gang who murdered her family. Unfortunately the drugs took their toll and she became very close to death. Before she got any worse, however, a strange man approached her and offered a solution. He said by shaking his hand, her body would be cleansed and she would have the power to get her revenge. Desperate, she obliged. The moment his hand touched hers, an aura of fire erupted from the man’s mouth and entered hers. It indeed cleansed her, and gave her incredible flaming abilities. The man who gave it to her lied dead on the ground, the demon having left his previous host. Sara found the gang that murdered her family, and burned every member to a crisp. Killing felt good. It set her free. So why should she stop there?

  5. Avatar Greggory Basore says:

    I keep getting Spam flagged when I try to post the details for my version of WILDFIRE, here’s another attempt, lemme know if there’s something autoflagging the system please.


    Real Name: Langkowsky Daniels (a.k.a. Walter Irving)

    Age: 23

    Parents: Morticia Berret-Daniels (ni Fromington) Hamilton J. Berret-Daniels

    Sibling(s): Franklin Davis – Suspected Half Brother, Jenna Corries – Suspected Half Sister, Barrington Irving – Suspected Biological Father
    None confirmed

    Hometown: Toronto Ontario

    Powers: Able to generate one card from a deck of 121 every 36 to 48 hours. Each card confers a different boost to basic human senses or abilities.

    From the files of the Northern Americas Anomaly Team (NAAT) Canadian Active Anomalies Division (CAAD)

    From: Agent Bolivia Lue
    To: Director Glenwald Riine cc Agent Oliver Range
    Re: Field Assessment by Agent Bolivia Lue of Langkowsky Daniels (a.k.a. Walter Irving, a.k.a. WILD FIRE)

    My interview with Mr. Daniels reveals a deeply troubled, highly agitated young man warped and distraught from a lifetime of abuse and deceit.

    Langkowsky (a.k.a. Lung-Kow! to his friends) was born into a reclusive family of wealthy socialites with a well established reputation and history of “eccentricity” which in this context, means cultish behavior, sexual debauchery and xenophobia.

    His mother is known to have had a long running, torridly harmful off-again/on-again affair with local drug dealer Barrington “ShoeGaze” Irving, which was a point of tension and violence between her and her husband. When Langkowsky was born, Hamilton Berret-Daniels insisted on multiple DNA tests, all of which were sealed from public records. During my investigation, the warehouse holding the original, paper copies (which, despite being in violation of the Digital History Act, were never transferred into the Ontario Database) caught fire and was completely destroyed.

    Hamilton has a long and disturbing history of spousal abuse, as well as child abuse and violent outburst on random members of the general public. Multiple sources have confirmed that he was part of a shadow fraternity in college, which held quarterly “hunts” aimed at murdering homeless and transient members of the Toronto and Ontario communities. A series of called in favors have yielded a set of damning evidence of… fuggered up transgressions against sex workers in Asia, including those forced into the profession against their will and those far below legal limits.

    [Addendum: Written request to hand evidence over to authorities for the sake of full prosecution]

    The Berret-Daniels family has a long standing “tradition” of funding extremist hate groups across all political spectrums, particularly those of the “far right” variety. At the age of 7 years old, when Hamilton became more fully aware of Langkowsky’s affinity for Pro Wrestling, along with his extensive collection of magazines on the subject, he attempted to curb this interest, as he feared it was too “f**g**ty”. 2 years later, when he discovered a stash of pornographic magazines featuring male models in homoerotic poses and simulations, Hamilton beat his son so harshly that he ended up in a coma for two weeks.

    During his stay at a rehabilitation center, Lang met Jayme Rutherford, who was part of a student volunteering program. The two formed a fast friendship, which grew stronger upon Jayme introducing Lang to her twin brother Bryden.

    In Middle School and High School, Jayme and Lang would go on to hang out so often, that many students suspected that the two were romantically involved. Deep interrogation confirmed my suspicions that Lang asked Jayme to be his “girlfriend” for the sake of placating his family. When Jayme refused, stating she had started dating a cheerleader at school who would soon be ready to come out of the closet, Langkowsky made a sexual proposition to Bryden and was infuriated to discover, that contrary to rumor, Bryden is heterosexual.

    The further revelation that Bryden had also started dating a girl at school, who’s brother had a crush on Lang, resulted in a harsh and violent falling out between the Rutherford twins and Langkowsky. It was at this time, that he discovered that his mother might have been impregnated by “ShoeGaze” Irving. He also uncovered evidence of a series of affairs between his father and local women, with strong implications that Hamilton Berret-Daniels had impregnated Kathryn Corries and Mindy Davis.

    During the spring of 2013, Lang Irving (as he now called himself) attempted to commit suicide on three separate occasions. After the third incident, he was sent away to a “conversion” camp, where he was tortured and assaulted by staff. During the closing days of August 2014, Langkowsky was reported missing from the camp, shortly before the corpse of a security staff member was found bound and gagged in a supply closet.

    [Addendum – The security staffer, one [REDACTED] Smith-Washington, had been the subject of multiple accusations of harassment, assault, rape and stealing prescription drugs from the camp pharmacy, which he allegedly sold to other employees and minors – Attached request to launch investigation]

    Attempts to elicit details of Lang’s escape proved fruitless. Suspicions that he was freed by the Rutherford Twins were neither confirmed nor denied.

    For the remainder of his high school career, Lang was labeled a “potential threat” by fellow students and teachers. While pursuing coursed in engineering and chemistry, with an interest in pyrotechnics (particularly of the variety used at rock concert venues) students would often joke that he was likely to become a school shooter/bomber, which he flatly denied.

    In October of 2016, during a school shooting incident perpetrated by Franklin “Fat Stacks” Davis, a member of the school soccer team who according to school officials had shown no previous signs of aberrant behavior, Langkowsky was shot due to diving into the path of a bullet that had been fired at student Rebecca Morris, leader of the Toronto Student Vegan Association. The bullet pierced his left lung (which Langowsky joked was “the apotheosis of that dumbass nickname”, referring to his friends having dubbed him “Lung-Kow” as a joke on a character from some video-game of some kind), which put him into a state of shock.

    After an intense week in a local hospital’s ICU, Lang surprised the staff by making a full recovery. Some even suggested that he somehow emerged healthier than he’d been before entering the hospital. When he returned to school, Langkowsky was propositioned by Rebecca Morris, whom he began dating. A series of interviews with Ms. Morris, done under duress and against her stated non-consent, determined that the two had a bizarre and traumatizing sexual relationship, alongside an emotionally abusive relationship.

    According to Ms. Morris, Lang introduced her to a game known as Ultra-Poker, which uses a system expanding from the classic 54 set of playing cards (2 Jokers, Four Suits of 13 cards). In addition to the traditional suits of Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades, ultra poker uses “the lower five” suits, which include Lightning Bolts, Moons, Stars and Flames. The ninth suit is something that Ms. Morris refused to speak of, claiming that she would die if she revealed it. She also stated that an ultra-poker deck contains four extra joker cards, for a total of six, though she refused to elaborate on this.

    Further research suggest that Walter Irving (as he now prefers to be called) has access to a mystically enhanced deck, which he uses to cast magical spells, though it’s likely there’s some other explanation behind his powers.

    After being hailed as a school hero, Walter began to attend a local community college in an attempt to further his desire to be a professional chemist or pyro-technician. After hearing a local news story about the Rutherford Twins announcing intentions to become professional super heroes, Walter disappeared for two years, from October of 2019 until November of 2021 when he ignited a series of fires across Toronto.

    Further study and counseling are needed to help this troubled soul, who has an opportunity to turn his mind and abilities towards the good of all humanity. It is strongly recommended that Walter Irving/Langkowsky Daniels be remanded to The Northern HARP mental health facility for the sake of not only his own mental stability, but for the protection of Canadian citizens.

    Bolivia Lue

    [Addendum added by Director Glenwald Riine]

    Oliver, please take some time to filter this namby pamby crap into something I can actually read. If I can make heads or tails of it, you’ll get a bonus.

    [Addendum added to reviewed copy by Agent Oliver Range, before handing it back to Agent Lue]


    Bad news. Glenwald’s reject all of your recommendations. He’s handing Daniels over to the slab dissection bastards at Fire Pit Base. He also gives zero fucks about civvy crimes, so has quashed any momentum you might have been able to get going on investigating Hammy Daniels or that security guy.

    If you want, I can make sure something very ugly, unpleasant and totally “accidental” happens to them. You’ll owe me a couple favors though.

  6. Avatar Xinmodic says:

    Name: Ivanka Molotov
    Codename: Wildfire
    Age: Unknown
    Place of origin: Unknown Location in Russia
    Height: 7ft tall
    Powers: Super strength and fire manipulation

    Ivanka was a Russian super soldier test subject. The test made her increasing violent and volatile. She grew immensely and gained incredible super strength and grew to a height of 7ft. An un intended side effect was her mind was warped, she lost the ability to speak and turned childish almost, with massive temper tantrums. But she also gained a superpower to control flames. While she cant herself make flames shes not a pyromancer she does have the ability to maneuver and shape any fire she is in distance of. She was “saved” by Seth and brought back to his Lair. Using the other members of his gang with psychic powers he was able to create a mind link with Ivanka and now she obeys only him. Having Darkweb and Tic Tock load her up with a new suit and thus she is given the name Wildfire.

  7. Avatar Greggory Basore says:


    Real Name: Never Oden
    Age: 13

    Parents: James Oden, Chris Oden, Lizzie Oden, Suzy Oden

    Sibling(s): Jericho Oden

    Hometown: Toronto Ontario

    One night, at the age of five or six-ish, Never awoke from a deep, trouble sleep feeling very hungry. After sneaking down into the kitchen of her home, she noticed that he feet seemed to be on fire and decided she was probably still dreaming.

    Over the next few weeks and months, she had the same dream, which should couldn’t recall and would have the same experience of awakening with flaming feet, feeling as though she was in another dream.

    After the seventh time she had such a “dream”, she was seen by a neighbor who called the local police. The investigation went haywire immediately.

    During an argument with the police, her father James, along with his wives, were threatened with “BS Charges pulled out of the cop’s @$$#$”, which resulted in a hefty lawsuit.

    Part of the case involved the city of Toronto having to pay for Never to attend a series of educational seminars titled “So you have super powers now? Here’s why that doesn’t have to suck.” over seen by local celebrity Roger Stark.

    After her first seminar, Never declared her intention to become a super hero, which her parents had no major arguments against (minor arguments aren’t needed to be mentioned here… trust me on this ;).

    Powers: Never is capable of projecting flames that seem to only burn when and as she desires. i.e. She can cook a hot dog while it’s top of a school notebook and not even singe the notebook pages.

    Weaknesses: pungent aromas of rotting and/or decaying matter inhibit her abilities.

  8. Avatar djuby says:

    Challenge closed. Results posted shortly.

  9. Avatar Synatrix says:

    Damn got the time change wrong, nm ill post anyway for s n g’s 🙂 thanks
    Name : Wildfire AKA Insyndra
    Home: Unknown planet
    Wildfire itself is destructive and savage, but nessecary for renewal. In this way by our human perception deems Insyndra (Wildfire) as a villan, but she herself is driven by the universal laws of life and death, decimating anything in her path because it is her nature rather than a moral choice.
    On Earth she finds herself fascinated by human behaviour and the ‘games they play’, and for now is amused to ally with the evil among us.

  10. Avatar Synatrix says:

    Challenge closed. Results posted shortly.

    Sry i was late, check me out anyways? 🙂 Love this comp btw cheers!

  11. Avatar djuby says:

    Synatrix: Sry i was late, check me out anyways? Love this comp btw cheers!

    Wow!!! Beautiful work!

  12. Avatar Synatrix says:

    djuby: Wow!!! Beautiful work!

    Aw cheers, much appreciated:) thanks for checking her out and for the general awesomeness!!

  13. Avatar Frankie says:

    Wow! Nice artwork, Synatrix.