Caption Contest #134

Ok guys, this weeks I want you all to come up with the best caption you can for this image (you may have started to see a pattern emerging here):

Everyone can have a maximum of 3 entries, entries must be in by next Wednesday (Feb 6th) and All Entries Must Be PG-13


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7 Responses to Caption Contest #134

  1. That awkward moment when the 7th friend walks in wearing the same costume…

  2. Avatar LoganGrayHyde

    1) Guys, shhh. Maybe they won’t see us.

    2) eww guys that’s gross

    3) And here’s the part the part where we break the 4th wall.

  3. Avatar The Atomic Punk

    1. Ooh… that really did leave a mark!

    2. The TV is watching… US?!?!?

    3. We can explain everything, Mr. Furley.

  4. 1. You want us to WHAT?
    2. “Attention, cast? The sequels are cancelled.”
    3. The clubhouse t.v. malfunctioned and began streaming porn.

  5. Avatar William A Peterson

    “Uh, hiya, Mr. Jameson! You SAID you wanted more pictures of Spider-Man, right?”

  6. Avatar Christopher F Gandy

    “No, we *didn’t* chase the only person not in a spider-suit up on the desk with only a window as the way out of this confrontation.”

    “What do you mean Thanos snapped his fingers at 3:35?”

    “Hey Spider, um, Man, aren’t you the one we were told about – to *Be Afraid, Be VERY Afraid*?”

  7. Avatar Treasure Hunter

    Smalls was having an awkward summer until his friend invited him to play left field.