CDC #386 – Haunted Houses – Results

Sorry for the late posting but I am currently working on productions of Phantom and Threepenny Opera, so I am just getting around to this when there was a break in the madness.


This week's win goes to Xinmodic. The concept and details are very strong, and the overall piece is impressive in it's use of items and creativity. Well done you!


Your prize will be posted to the blog later thus week.



2 Responses to CDC #386 – Haunted Houses – Results

  1. Xinmodic says:

    WOOOOT!And Happy Halloween Everyone!

  2. The Atomic Punk says:

    Great entries.

    @superfly30: The colors really pop. I like the light and fog effects. It has a “Hallmark card” / door display feel.

    @StarKillerRX: Spot on. I like the earth tones. The window frames are my favorite touch.

    @kellkin: So many items in your design. Wow. The towers, especially the main, are well done.

    @Xinmodic: A classic castle worthy of a witch queen. I love the perspective. Especially the foreboding branches opening from the woods and pointing the way.