CDC – Team Building – Part 2 – Prize for AMS

Here you go buddy Hope I did you justice.

AMS Original

My take. The bit covering his mouth is to hold his asthma meds.

5 Responses to CDC – Team Building – Part 2 – Prize for AMS

  1. Great job! Thank you very much!

    Cheers! (With Timmies cup held up.)


  2. Glad you like it, Always wanted an excuse to use the toaster fists and vacuum cleaner legs!


  3. headlessgeneral


    Looks good, djuby.


  4. livewyre1014

    I’m a fan…always love to see two brilliant artists take their own perspectives on the same character…nicely done sir.


  5. @livewyre1014 – Thanks so much for the kind words.


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